Hard Choices

Hard choices were made this week. Accounts were permanently closed or disabled. I don’t know how many people were following the Jo Experiment Blog Review. I barely got any feedback and I was never as prolific with reviews as I wanted to be. However, it was one of the longest blog accounts I had, and I tried to keep it up. The spirit was always willing, but the body was … … tired, hungry or uninspired to create intelligent, entertaining, informative essays on media. I had expanded the JoEx to include anime, graphic novels as well as books from any genre, that I read or listened too. It is crazy that along with writing fiction I would set myself up to do so much and then freeze.
This blog, the universe was supposed to be about writing, fiction, the writing business and the road to developing a podcast. I don’t know if I ever wrote all those things in one sentence for the account but there it is.
This account was started when I failed with the website on 1and1.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
Thomas A. Edison

I don’t know if I have found 10,000 ways to fail as a writer, but it just feels like it. [side note: I don’t know if this quote is a verified Thomas A. Edison Quote. Any objections should be taken up with brainy quotes of brainyquotes.com]. I used to have a blog about becoming well and healthy, about fiction only, about book reviews etc. Each with a defining flower so I know what the hell I was looking at and where I should file or post the essay. But once I put a name on it. I had a problem creating and it was easier to let other issues in life take up space. I have family members that sometimes need help and since I am generally low on cash, I offer my time and person. It takes a toll. The result was that the blogs suffered. I would leave them for months and then come back with an apology essay and then state that I will do better.
That never really happened because there were a number of pressing family issues to deal with. I have never felt comfortable exposing my whole life online. There are some things I am willing to share and there are some things I will never write about here.

Two years ago, two of my close relatives died.  It changed a lot of things in my life.  I am still dealing with it.  I am now realizing that I would always be dealing with it.   Of course, writing helps.  I have solved most of my moodiness with writing.

I would like to say that this essay was easy to write. It wasn’t.  I made several attempts that ended up in the delete folder. Ever so often I come across a YouTube video or podcast that reminds me that writing is not just about art, but it is also a business.

One of the most important goals is to produce intelligent and entertaining essays for this blog. Another is to make each essay informative as well.   As a reader expect some essays will be subjective and others will be objective.  Some posts will be fiction, other reviews on fiction.  There will also be the odd essay about the podcast as well as essays with a different point of view.

Overall, I am hoping that what I am writing is worth reading.  It is not just a plea from a person online screaming “Like me, Please Like Me!”

The process is ever evolving.

In conclusion, I am hoping to attract readers who comment and like my work.  I don’t have a number in my head.   In the past, I have taken all kinds of steps in many directions and surprise got no positive results because I was spreading myself too thin.  Consolidation is difficult but necessary.


lioness standing


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