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cropped-summer-sun-yellow-springEver so often I feel like writing and posting an essay that is similar to a Do Now, the teacher assignment given to elementary kids at the beginning of the class period.  I call them free write essays.

Bear with me this might hurt.  I write that because I have read previous free write essays on other blog accounts,  all posted without the benefit of the Grammarly app and they are sometimes painful to read.

What I will like to accomplish is an entertaining essay on how good intentions can be difficult.  These intentions are my writing plans.  However, this will mostly be a stream of consciousness essay on random thoughts that go through this writer’s mind.   One thought blending into another thought that may or may not be related.  Essays like this are usually a response to something that happened in the public eye – politics, the internet, various business industries, etc.     I have done my best to stay away from the outrage wagon or the trending wagon.  There are people whose only purpose in life is to outrage others.   While we are exploring the outrage, we are missing important clues everywhere.  I was trying to come up with something more profound but the words are not with me today.

I started this essay in the last week in March I think.  The plan was to write everything and then post it with or without grammar corrections.   It is now the third week in April.  My reasons for this vary.   There was a family event and there is Camp Nanowrimo.   I may write a Camp Nanowrimo blog or a Nanowrimo blog.   I am supposed to be posting an essay at least every week on the Universe.  That does not happen.  I believe sometimes it is because I don’t feel I’m qualified enough to write on a certain subject.   This is also the reason I stay away from what is trending.  By the time I feel like I know enough to write on a subject.   It is no longer trending.  I will still write about it, just to get my thoughts out of my head. I won’t post it.   There are exceptions, those are not posted because I haven’t finished them.

Despite everything that is going on in my life the ups and downs, I can’t see myself not writing.  I can’t see myself not telling myself tailor-made stories or revising something that I read, watched or listened to.   I didn’t give this entry a title because I knew it would be paragraphs of rambling thoughts.  I hope this inspires someone to create something like me or not be like me.  As long as they are happy with the choices they made.

Today I am good with my choices.



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