January 2019 the next five

Be Yourself, everyone else is taken 

Oscar Wilde

 A new week, another journal entry mashup.   It is possible that in February, I will do something different with these prompts.  I don’t know yet.   The week is getting busy and I almost forgot about this goal.  Here’s to keeping up resolutions.

1. A trip you want to take this year
In October a colleague and I will be going to Miami, Florida for the West Indian Carnival. We will most likely all play mas because that was the plan. The trip I am looking forward to is all in my hometown. My plan to is to visit the New York City Museums. One or two from every borough. I have been inspired by the Art Assignment on YouTube.

2. Your top three priorities
1. Complete then edit the short story Punch. Develop the short story Idle Hands. Continue to work on another story with the working title called the Returner.
2. Podcast – work on the Red Mushroom Podcast; it is a dream and near creative goal to have a podcast. The episodes will be about writing and the writing business.
3. Maintain this blog with at least a weekly post.

3. A list of places you have visited Places I have been to London, England; New Amsterdam, Guyana South America, and Mount Pleasant, Trinidad and Tobago.
All these visits occurred years ago. The England trip is over 10 years old. The Trinidad and Tobago trip, happed when I was a small kid. The most recent was New Amsterdam Guyana but at least 4 years ago. I went down to Guyana with my mom.  It is her birth country.  The last time I visited Guyana, I was a small kid. It was interesting because it was December and there were all kinds of Christmas decorations in 80-degree weather. It is probably normal for people who live in warmer climates in the United States. Since I am from the Northeast, when there used to be snow in December, it felt a little strange.  Like a Christmas in July advertisement.  The trip was a special one of the last things I did with my mom.  I didn’t stay longer than  7 days and I always regretted that I didn’t call my job and tell them I was stuck in a foreign country.


4. Do your actions match your words?
I am making an effort with these journal entry mashups. There is so much going on in the world. Answers to these questions seem like the most trivial. I’m doing them because I need to write. Sometimes writing is difficult. A journal prompt can help the mind focus.

The podcast is still in the developing stages. It always feels like two steps forward five steps back with the Red Mushroom. I want to blame the outside world but I know the buck stops with me. I have yet to control my creative life and everything else, because of this imbalance, I either get too much done – burst of creativity or too little done – blocked days or hours. It can be frustrating. If my day is pie, where are the slices going? I might have  an answer in a future entry

In the previous entry, I wrote that I have an exercise routine, I should perform at 6 days a week for 30 minutes. I have only been able to do that twice. Becoming healthy is important for me. I don’t work hard on it enough. I think if I write it here. I might feel a little guilty and produce positive results.

5. One thing you learned about yourself last year.
Last year I realized I don’t value my time enough. I am always willing to give my time to others for their purposes. However when I want to use my time for my own tasks. They are not given any regard. One of my many goals for this year is to value my time. It is the reason I am taking the time to write this entry. I know that I am the one who will have to put my foot down for my projects. Some people are going to have to get used to hearing the word no. For the sake of my precious time, I am going to have to limit by binge time. I will have to do an essay on that as well in the future.


In conclusion, I encourage anyone who reads this to take one of these or all of the prompts, think about your life and what is going on and answer them.  The results are always surprising.



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