Updates January 03-14 2022


Thank you for the likes and follows. Welcome to the new year.  The weather has ben murky and raining over the holidays in NYC.

I am trying to think good thoughts. My patience is being tested new year’s day, my laptop has stopped  functioning.  I am seriously annoyed at this. I spend a lot of time on that device, the next couple of months will be difficult.  With this written it this is the first time I’ve typed a post on the tablet.  It may not look like the other posts.

This might be the shortest post for the quarter. I’ve decided to break the year into quarters. I have done this before but  can’t remember what exactly went wrong. Let’s say it was 2020.  I’ve seen systems similar to what I am doing. I believe Sarra Cannon offers a course called HB90. There are the power sheets by Cultivate What Matters and the bullet journal method. I  think there is also a system called Makselife. I’ve only seen it on planner set up videos on YouTube.   I borrow what might work from everyone available. I’ll let you know what works for me and give credit where it is due.

I think there was something  I needed to do in December to help improve the website but that didn’t happen.  I will look it up and talk about it on another post.

There are no resolutions this year. I have issues that need to be addressed and I will. The details will also be in another post. In writing news, still working on romance planning Star Crossed. Next week, a short story will premiere, This is something I have been planning for years. Over the years I have posted my fiction on the internet but I have never been consistent. Not sure if the genre is science fiction or speculative fiction, it is entertaining though.

This is all I have for this post. I am hoping we can be kind and respectful to each other. Don’t miss an opportunity to help ourselves and other people. Please like and leave a comment.


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