Accountable Wednesday #3

This post is a late edition and rare experiment.  It is being put together on my tablet.  I am not sure if I like working this way.  However I have to get myself in the habit of putting up content.  The picture selected  is a representation of spring.  

I wrote in the update, that Hollywood Homicide was complete.  I was inspired to listen to Hollywood Endings. It is the second book in the Detective by Day series.  Both books were narrated by Bahni Turpin.  She is really good.   I have not started to listen to the Fated Sky.  The other 3 books mentioned in previous posts are in a holding pattern.  

There was a time I thought writing reviews would be easy.  I like to read and listen to books.  I love writing what could possibly go wrong.  Reviews come in various quality.  It is my goal to write useful reviews.  While I am attempting to hone the skill, this post is here to help me form the habit.  Meanwhile enjoy the picture of spring.

That is all for this post.  Have a good rest of the week.


Updates January 03-14 2022


Thank you for the likes and follows. Welcome to the new year.  The weather has ben murky and raining over the holidays in NYC.

I am trying to think good thoughts. My patience is being tested new year’s day, my laptop has stopped  functioning.  I am seriously annoyed at this. I spend a lot of time on that device, the next couple of months will be difficult.  With this written it this is the first time I’ve typed a post on the tablet.  It may not look like the other posts.

This might be the shortest post for the quarter. I’ve decided to break the year into quarters. I have done this before but  can’t remember what exactly went wrong. Let’s say it was 2020.  I’ve seen systems similar to what I am doing. I believe Sarra Cannon offers a course called HB90. There are the power sheets by Cultivate What Matters and the bullet journal method. I  think there is also a system called Makselife. I’ve only seen it on planner set up videos on YouTube.   I borrow what might work from everyone available. I’ll let you know what works for me and give credit where it is due.

I think there was something  I needed to do in December to help improve the website but that didn’t happen.  I will look it up and talk about it on another post.

There are no resolutions this year. I have issues that need to be addressed and I will. The details will also be in another post. In writing news, still working on romance planning Star Crossed. Next week, a short story will premiere, This is something I have been planning for years. Over the years I have posted my fiction on the internet but I have never been consistent. Not sure if the genre is science fiction or speculative fiction, it is entertaining though.

This is all I have for this post. I am hoping we can be kind and respectful to each other. Don’t miss an opportunity to help ourselves and other people. Please like and leave a comment.



In life, what you really want will never come easy-Anonymous


As every year comes to an end.  I always tell myself and write in one of these blogs that I will treat this blog JC Henry Universe and the Jo Experiment Blog Review better.  I apologize for not being consistent with reviews or interesting fact and entertaining anecdotes in my essays.  I promise in the new year things will be different.  Sometimes for a week or two, they are.  I create.  I post.  I feel accomplished.  Sometimes the next day everything – which means the motivation to create, post and feel accomplished goes.   Some might call it the muse leaving, some might say the inspiration has left and the fear of failure won.  I call it my life in vicious cycles.


The majority of my family does not understand why I write.  Their logic is that I am not making money from it.  If can’t take care of my personal needs from it.  It is a useless hobby.   A published writer is a once in a lifetime career, like dancing, music, acting and sports etc.  My logic is that I am always making stories up in my head, I feel better when I write them out.  I have no desire or intention of explaining to who won’t understand what I am doing.  I write because I believe writing it is creative and it is my skill.  Believe it or not, I forget that sometimes myself.  I have given up on it a couple of times in the past.  I come back to writing because it the best way for me to express myself.  Apologies if this sounds redundant.


As a writer, I get caught in the craft and art of the words.  Sometimes I run across a published story that is similar to my developing idea and the ideas leave me.   I forget that writing is also a business.    The business of writing is as important as the art of it.   In the near future, I will be producing a podcast about writing and the writing business.    I almost have everything I need.   Then while doing a random search on writing podcast, I come across so many.  It can make a person think why bother?   The thoughts that save me, for my story idea and podcast is that I am an individual.  No one has lived my life, and no one can tell stories or create a podcast like I can.   These thoughts keep me positive.   Yes, there is fear but there is also the unique characters and interesting plots that only I can come up with. It is difficult all the time, but like the saying “nothing good comes easy”, I continue to write.


The plans for the week are as follows post a review on the Jo Experiment blog, there has not been a review posted since July.   There are several books and animes, I have made note of and believe are worth discussion.   Write a podcast script and record it.  My recording set up is not great, but I have decided not to be intimidated by sound, after listening to some great podcasts with bad sound quality in time, these podcasts have improved, and I plan to as well.  I have a few more experiments to try out for the podcast and then the launch, which will be determined at a later date.   The podcast is called the Red Mushroom Podcast.  I have reasons for calling the podcast that name, even though it is about the writing craft and the writing business, not mushroom or gardening.  I will write more about the podcast at a later date.    There is also the completion of a short story I have been struggling to finish for a time I don’t want to admit here.  But when I have completed this essay, I will continue with that short story. It is an urban fantasy, that has a triad of witches, a djinn and a werewolf.  Another topic for a blog essay is the genres.   I have my favorites and I have no clue what is popular these days.  This essay may include research before it is posted.

A writing goal that will continue into the new year, is the word count of 750+.   Many years ago, a word count goal of 500+ was implemented and my writing had improved.  Whenever I feel myself slipping, I give myself this challenge.  Starting out is always difficult however it is not even noticed when the word goal is reached or passed.


There are some intriguing ideas that are developing for the last days of December and the beginning of 2019.  I look forward to what I have planned. Any comments to improve this blog will be appreciated.