Updates April 04-09


Happy Easter to all!

I am trying a new format for these updates. I plan for it to be short because not much is going on. The good things are: I am working on Star Crossed, getting out of the murky middle. I finished one of the books and a comic on the list and started another. It is an audio book and should be done in quickly. I just need to find the right activity to go along with it. If I just sit and listen I will fall asleep and wake up lost in middle of the book. I don’t want that to happen especially since it is a non fiction book.

Also Camp Nanowrimo has begun. I usually sign up but I didn’t this year. I have Star Crossed and two other writing projects under development. I understand that at camp it is not required for your project to be new, however a new project in 30 days seems more fun. One of my many goals is to start a new project in November. Line up everything so that I can complete Nanowrimo in November. I am cheering everyone who is participating. Go Writers Go!

Friday’s post was special. Essays or reviews are posted on alternate Wednesdays. Updates or something will be posted on alternate Mondays. I know I am due to write a review on something. Besides the books I’ve been reading. On recommendation from a friend I am watching Fire Force and Cop Craft. Two animes with different supernatural premises working their way into civil service. I also started to watch and read the animation Invincible. Yes I am cheating on the reading list. I may talk about it on a later post.

Thank you for the likes and follows. Please have a good safe weekend.


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