Essay #013

Thank you everyone for the likes and follows.  I missed a deadline on Monday and Wednesday.  This last days of March were affecting me.  Many people spoke of Covid -19 making landfall anniversary in the United States two weeks ago. But it became very relevant for me the last three days in March 2020.  I was admitted on March 28th, I didn’t leave the hospital until June 9th, 2020, with oxygen. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I didn’t elaborate because remembering being sick is difficult.  The hospital staff that took care of me did the best they could.  But nothing was perfect, and I understand that too. It was hard for my family and complicated for me to explain. It has stuck with me.

Since being released from the hospital, I’m still dealing with health complications. Every day comes with its own gifts. I had to deal with it the best I could.   I focused on writing because that is what I love to do.   But the stories I’ve been working on read and felt like they were written by someone else. I know I wrote it, but they lacked my spark and emotional ties. I found myself rebuilding characters and plots from scratch. As a result, the current work in progress Star Crossed. It was always a romance, but the characters were different and certain dynamics were changed.  Next essay will be about that progress or not.  My focus on this blog is also a result of being sick.  I wanted to write creative non-fiction.  Essays that were entertaining and true.  I am still working on that skill.

I started this entry, on the 30th when I realized that what these days really meant to me.  I think about them and talk about them often.  But feeling what they are and knowing that many people don’t have that option.  I am grateful to be alive.  I also understand what some people are feeling for their loved ones.

The new month has begun with challenges and opportunities. I am wishing for everyone to safe and be kind to each other. Updates are coming in the future.


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