At Least 100 Words #13

Some days I am great at writing these entries, days like today I am having difficulty.   There is a plethora of reasons, I am not going through any them today.  This is going to be a sprint to at least 100 words, so I can “do as I says, and says as I do”. 

What is planned for this week?  I have several half-written reviews that should see the light of the internet.  I was also considering reviewing audiobooks because I have been a member of Amazon owned Audible since 2011.  I remember borrowing books on CD and tape from the library and yes, I bootlegged them for personal use.  To get a book on CD and tape was ridiculously expensive and it was always cheaper to buy the book or get it from the library.  Technology changed the world for everyone.    Now I can stream all the books for a small monthly fee. 

There will be reviews in the future. 

As October draws close, I have thoughts on what I will be doing in November.  I might talk about it in another entry.   I used to feel giddy for the upcoming events. I can’t feel like that because of the growing sense of uncertainty with the world.  I can feel my pessimistic mind, rolling around and spewing unneeded thoughts.   I also feel the optimist in me, fighting back with whatever it has.   Because this is Monday, I am hoping that everyone has a good week.   We are going to bulldozed with negativity, but I don’t think we have to succumb to it.  We should do something nice for someone else and do our best to be good to ourselves.  Remember that we are not alone in this world. 


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