Sunday Post #4

Many years ago, I wanted to write a story about a character in a group called the Black Lotus. I looked up the lotus flowers and lilies, their mythologies, and meanings. I downloaded a lot of flower images. I took the flowers- the blue Egyptian lotus, the black princess lotus (actually hot pink), a white lotus and a peach lotus as signatures for my blog accounts.   That was before the quickening, where there could only be one.

 The Black lotus story never really developed past one page and then there was a fire. It got lost in the ashes. I never got rid of the flowers I liked. I even expanded with tulips, sunflowers, orchids, zinnias and mushrooms. I know mushrooms are not flowers. I started to collect nice pictures of flowers, mushrooms, space and alternate world/alien landscapes. I mostly use the sunflower as my personal icon, my final acceptance of the color yellow. This was over a decade ago. I was making the sunflower famous before the song.

I have yet to decide if the Sunday Post is going to be a review of last week or an optimistic preview of the week ahead, both have their pros and cons.  Due to the lack of focus, this entry has been seriously delayed.  Last week looked promising almost everything scheduled was posted.  The result was a satisfied sense of accomplishment.  There are two essays and a review due for this week and there are the writing projects.  The week ahead looks promising.  There is also one overall goal, that I seriously need to work on for this blog.   This week is going to be a lot.  But I’m ready for it. 


P.S. Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

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