The Odd Anime Review #3

Fuse: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl
Directed by Masayuki Miyaji
Screenplay  Ichiro Okouchi
Story by Kazuki Sakuraba  Debut October 2012 (Japan)
Duration 1 hour 49 minutes

Hamaji is a young woman living in the mountains.  She is self-sufficient and an excellent hunter, but very alone.   Her grandfather has died and her brother Dosetsu moved awayFuse1 to the city, a few years ago.

Dosetsu sends a letter to  Hamaji inviting her to the City of Edo.  Hamaji takes the chance to reconnect with her family and change her life.

New to the city Hamaji is awed by everything.  Edo is a big city, and there are people all around.  She is horrified by the heads of wolves on display.  They are called fuse, a wolf in a human form.  They prey on humans and are outlawed by the Lord of the City.

On the Edo Bridge Hamaji meets a white-haired young man wearing a wolf mask.  His name is Shino.  A wild fight ensues and Hamaji is carried away in the crowd.  She becomes completely lost in the city.  Shino takes pity on her and directs her to where her brother might be.

Dosetsu is a ne’er-do-well and plans to use Hamaji’s skill as a hunter to catch the remaining Fuses that are terrorizing the city.  He dresses Hamaji as a boy and uses her hunting skills to hunt the remaining fuse in the city.

Their first hunt is successful.  It changes Dosetsu since he took the head of the fuse.   Hamaji makes an arrangement so that the money earned by the hunt can’t be misused by Dosetsu.

There are a series of events that happen that diverts the attention.  Hamaji meets a girl who wants to be a writer.  The girl is the granddaughter of a great playwright.  Dosetsu’s girlfriend tells him she is pregnant.  Shino and Hamaji meet again and although he is tempted to kill her.  He resists the urge.

This is where the anime went odd to me.  To be honest it has taken me a whole lot of time attempting to write what happened and avoiding it.   I will try here.  It seemed that not all the Fuse were murderous.  Some tried to live like humans.  That did not change the law according to the Lord of the City.

The Lord of the City had a secret that only the great playwright knew.  He attempted to explain it in a play.  The play is what amazon put in the description.  I felt it was false advertising.  It made it difficult for me to write about it.

Especially when it came to the grand event. Which involved Shino, hunters and the castle guards.  It was all extravagant and confusing.    Somewhere in the story, the Lord of the City became lost as a result the Fuse were blamed.  Shino sought out revenge for his kind.  Hamaji sought out to save Shino.   It was a lot to take in.

The resolution was to stop killing out of revenge or fear.  The Lord of the City came to his senses.  Dosetsu plans to be a responsible husband and father.  Shino I believe left the city and Hamaji came of age.  The Playwright’s granddaughter got to write it all in a book.

As I stated before this story gave me the wrong impression about it.  I decided to write about it because I believe it is worth watching.  I plan to catch it again just so I can try to understand what I couldn’t before.  Sometimes, fiction needs a second and third watching or reading to be fully understood.

I don’t have a rating system, in mind.  Thumbs up seem appropriate.



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