December 1, 2019


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This time of year many people are doing a round-up of the year.  I’m always -BlackPrincesslamenting this time because I don’t have anything set up, as round up or anything thing else.   I continue to tell myself that I should be advanced enough with this blog to be producing 2-3 essays a month and posting them.  That has not exactly happened.  I can say that the most I have posted are less than 20.

This is the part of my essay where I attempt to tell myself to do better and apologize to the few readers I have out there.  Sorry, not Sorry.  I am not super happy with the results of the end of the year but I am not upset or sad about it.  Although it is at the end of the year, it is not the end of me.  Which I am grateful for.  I  and my family are still reeling from the losses in our family.  There are major changes, however, we are eeking through it all.   I thought by now, I wouldn’t be like that but this is how it is.

egyptian blue lotusLast month I spoke about NaNoWriMo.  I didn’t win.  However, I will continue with this story.  I may even talk about this story on the blog at a later time.  Normally I would put the story aside and wait for the next November.  For this story, I believe that 3 years on NaNo is enough.  On National Novel Writing Month, November 2020, I will start with a brand new fresh story.  My preptober will start in September.

In my previous blogs, I wrote about real life and writing life.  I often wrote like they were enemies.  The one that has the power is the one I feed.  I have tried on several occasions to integrate it.  But it has not worked all the time or it has not paid off.  I’m getting the Sorry, Not Sorry from the universe.  I have another creative project set up to be released next year along with my writing projects.  I still have my day job as a caregiver/personal assistant.   Possibly in mid-December, I will be able to talk/write about 2020 plans/projects.  It all depends on what will be going on with the day-job life and the writing life.  I’ve decided to change the real-life to day-job life because real life is too general.  Writing for me is as real as everything else in the world,  that epiphany is supposed to change my life.  Real-life for me is writing, day-job, wellness, health, etc.  This has been it for the last 5 years.

WB Peach Lotus-BedroomPC (1)

I think there was a post where I promised not to be a slave to the 500-750 word count.  I have never been good with endings, I will conclude this post by stating, this entry is for December was written today.   I am thinking about accountability.  It may be another blog essay later.   I need to make a note of all the promises made on this post.  If I post again for the month.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.  

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