Updates April 24-28


Thanks for the likes and follows.

I am stuck in moving hell. It wasn’t planned properly due to the new job and other outside issues. This will be the shortest update to date.

Writing has become a bit of a struggle. It is possible my creative well is dry. This week I am taking a break from writing. The move has to take priority and after the move, there is the setting up of everything and getting used to the area. Again.

Reading news, if not mentioned in previous entries. I completed listening to Dragon Blood. This was an omnibus written by Lindsay Buroker. Dragon Blood consisted of three novellas- Balanced on the Blade’s Edge, Death Maker, and Blood Charged. However, the series is about 7 or 8 books long. I acquired the 4th book, Patterns in the Dark. The plan is to get the rest in due time. The much anticipated Rogue Witch by Jeffe Kennedy is out but not in the correct account. I have many book accounts. I meant to have all the digital books in one account and audiobooks in another. Nothing is going the way I want. Will some smart computer person create an app, where all digital books, despite the platforms can be gathered for use. I would pay for it.

The week before I binged watch a C-drama called Till the End of Moon. It is an interesting xianxia romance. It is reported to have 40 episodes and I paused watching at episodes 16 or 17. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten anything done. I later learned that the drama was trended on Viki Rakuten, where I am watching, and on Youku, another streaming services that put out Chinese media exclusively I think.

That is all for today. I apologize for putting up a pretty boring post. The point is that it is on time. I am hoping every reading this does well. Remember to be kind.


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