Updates April 17-21


Thanks for the likes and follows.

Last week was a meh week. I did some writing, but it felt a little forced. I wasn’t waiting for the muse or inspiration, instead, I was looking for the flow state. The definition may be convoluted, and I am not adding it to this entry.  But every creative person knows what it is when it happens to them.  It is something we crave.  It is quite possible that when we complain about being blocked, it is really missing the chance for a flow state, and the disappointment that follows. Something to think about.    I did spend a good amount of my time listening to news commentary and that could be considered a problem for the future. I’m in no position to donate money or go out on the streets to protest. Even though that is something I may want to.

The story that got the most attention this week was the Dark Science Manifesto. There was a deep dive research on far-future corporations in fiction.  Many but not all far future stories have corporations in the background, or they are against the protagonist or the cause of evil.    In the DSM, they are a little of both, in the background and against the protagonist.  Sometimes while I am writing these updates, I become aware of issues with a story.  It completely freezes my brain.  There is something that I have to deal with first before explaining any more of this story.  

This week is going to be interesting.  We are still in the moving stage.  Life in general is getting more complicated.  That is all I have to write for this update.  It is the shortest one I have posted yet.  I hope these words find you all doing well. 

Remember to be kind.


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