Accountable Wednesday 2

It was decided over the weekend that even though I want to start posting reviews next week. It is better for me and the website to put more thought into what will be posted. The idea is to put up the best work possible and hone writing skills. Please be patient and bear with the random thoughts of this post and possibly 3 more.

This is a review space, and this announcement may feel redundant. I apologize. The books, films/tv series, and graphic novels I will most likely be writing about are specualtive fiction, romance, and cozy mystery. Despite having a Book of the Month subscription, not many will debut or new books. This has been stated before the TBR list is long and I need to make headway on it.

The watch list is also long and will probably be quite nostaligic. I used to love to watch movie trailers to plan what I wanted to watch next in the theatres. I have not felt enticed to go to the movies in a long time. I like to watch international films and TV series, dont be surprised if there is a K-drama review or a South American film review. Netflix seemed to have invested in some interesting stories based in African countries. There is one I have to talk about.

I would like to talk about graphic novels and comics, but there is some research I want to do first.

That is all for now.

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