Updates April 02-07


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week was full of day job work and not enough writing.

Last week was full of day job work and not enough writing.  I wanted to write that I powered through negative thoughts to act 3 of Connection Lost but I got stuck and kind of wallowed in it, until the weekend.   Over the weekend, I vegged out and slept a lot.  The day job is actually a night job.  I am required to be awake from about 7pm to 7am.  Some days it is easy and others are hard, without fail I get a sleepy wave at about 5am every early morning.  It takes a toll on motivation and energy.   There is also the packing.  Every time I move, I think I need to truly consider minimalism.  The simplistic lifestyle of only having what you need to live.  There may be more to the lifestyle that I am saying but I think that is the gist of it. 

My weekend rest could be construed as laziness, or I can think of it as gaining energy to start the second quarter.    The goals for this quarter are to complete act 2 and act 3 of Connection Lost.  The plan for those parts of the story is that there might be two recurring characters and two brand-new characters to be introduced.   That sentence might need more clarification.  All I can say is that Connection Lost is a middle story. The main character is at a turning point.  To some, it may seem negative but to others, it will be positive. The final decision will go to the main character. To be honest I have not decided what she will think.  This might be the flaw of this story. There should be a definitive end, although I know my main character will be escaping with her life.  She won’t be escaping the situation where the story started.  This week’s goal is to write out the definite ending of Connection Lost. What is gained and what is lost? How will this affect my main character?  What is the status quo? 

Gothic will also need some work.  This story is a paranormal romance but the scene where the two main characters meet annoys the crap out of me.  I’ve decided that if I don’t like it.  I don’t always have to wait for revision.  Sometimes paragraphs and whole scenes must be chucked for you the author’s peace of mind.  This is sad but true.  

I need to figure out the best method to get various tasks done on the writing projects.  This platform and the Medium platform need some attention as well.  I dedicate one post to that site a month.  I want to make them more interesting and hopefully, by the end of this year, I can be partnered with them and attain some monetization.  Every stream of income counts. 

In reading news, I have not completed the Dragon Blood omnibus nor have I started the book tested.  It could be that I have Lindsay Buroker-burnout.  I did attempt to keep track of what I’ve been reading.  Ms. Buroker has an extensive bibliography.  This means I will be working on my reading journal.  I wanted to start posting reviews this Wednesday but to other circumstances that may not be able to happen this week.   

Camp Nanowrimo started on April 1st.  I will not be participating. However, I will donate and buy a mug.  I really like their mugs.  I have put up the banner and badge in support of those who are taking the challenge.   For me, reading is just fun and writing is essential.

That is all for now.  If any of you participate in Camp, I am rooting for you. The flowers for this month are daisies and sweet peas.   The image of the flowers was generated by Midjourney AI.  Remember to be kind. 


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