Updates March 27-31


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Last week was an interesting week.  We all waited for a prediction that didn’t happen.  I am not saying any names, but we all know what I am typing about.  Historic times we are living in. 

We are still in the process of moving.  My room is almost painted.  My daughter and dad will start to paint the living room next.  Our major project will be the kitchen.    This process kind of took over the weekend. 

Besides keeping my eye on the news last week and working at the day job, I watched Invisible City on Netflix and worked on Connection Lost.  Getting back into the story took some time.  It is a mindset I didn’t even know was missing until I tried to pick up where I left off.  I found myself stuck on various character’s motivations.  Where certain characters should be introduced into the story and how their importance to the main character differed.  For example – Somer is a classic middle child.  She has 3 older siblings and 3 younger siblings.  The six all displayed their manifest will at an early age, they are considered prodigies.  However, Somer does not have that type of ability.  Her ability cannot be displayed, her Djinn godfather bonded her to a familiar.  This is an outdated practice. In the present-day supernatural world, you either have the ability/skills or not.  I didn’t consider what kind of relationship Somer had with her older siblings.  Her incarceration did change things for everyone.  But what was it like before that?  By the third novella, Somer is supposed to be comfortable as a “gray sheep” of the family.   As a younger sibling myself, I know that an older sister and brother, I have both, may perceive their shared history differently from the younger person.  There are times when the younger sibling is living in the older one’s shadow. It can be a frustrating place.  I wrote down thoughts on how admiration and love can turn to annoyance.  Or how harmful neglect and overprotection can be even from a sibling. I must make some decisions and they probably should’ve been there already. 

A quick word on Invisible City.  The show was interesting.  I binged it in one night, the season just five episodes.  It was good but did not pique my interest the way that the first season had.  The characters’ development seemed plausible, but I felt like I was misled.   It does make me want to research into Brazilian folklore.  My mother is from Guyana, it shares a border with Brazil, and I wonder if there is folklore transfer, in one country the entity is called this but called something else in another country.  Like how cassava is also called yuca.   If there was a season 3 I would watch it but I think the story ended the best way the writers could do it. 

This week, I will continue to work on Connection Lost, specifically on the characters.  I will be completing the Dragon Blood Omnibus and then decide if I want to continue with the series.   As research I will be looking up articles on antagonists.  There is also the first quarter review and the set up for the second quarter.  I have all the stickers and washi tape; I think I need.  That is all for now.

Please feel free to leave a comment.  Remember to be kind and be aware of positive opportunities.


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