Updates January 16-20


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week, adjusting to the day job and writing life. It is a constant struggle. But the funds are needed. Therefore this week’s update will be brief and posted on Tuesday.

This feels like a disservice to anyone interested in my writing process or status. I apologize. I have been working on Gothic 12 rdx, the story, the characters, etc. I wrote in a previous entry that I would also be working on Connection Lost and that did not happen. Believe it or not Gothic is an older idea than Connection Lost. I didn’t expect it to have this effect on me. Both stories are in the fast draft process. Connection Lost is further along than Gothic, because I had to dump 10k words. Another dilemma I had last week was organization. I used to write everything in an A5 binder. It got too heavy for me to travel with. The process became cumbersome. I have put it aside to attempt something else. I basically built a notebook. I printed out the needed pages- stories’ outlines and other worksheets. The writing planner offered by Sarra Cannon and lined paper. My daughter bound it up for me and made it a book. I have been using that for the last week with ease. The other challenge is not to make it too heavy. Overall I am happy with this.

In the past I have mentioned posting reviews of books I am reading. I started a new book journal and I will start sharing my thoughts on what I am reading, watching, or listening to, in February. The plan is to make them informative and entertaining.

In reading news, I have not caught up to all the hiatus books. I did start to read a manhwa I put on pause two years ago. It was found on a webcomic site, Tappytoons and I didn’t have the budget to read it. Tappytoons is a paysite for points similar to Webtoon. The story is now complete. It is called Survival Marriage by Wann. It is an interesting, alternate world story that I have not seen in other josei manhwa. It has 80 chapters and I am only at 30-something. I will most likely just review the first major story arc.

A sidenote explanation: I am aware that josei and manhwa are terms that don’t go together. Josei is a Japanese word used in publishing to mean woman. Manhwa is the Korean term for manga. I will attempt to use the appropriate term depending on where the comic/graphic novel is coming from, ie. DC Wonder Woman is a comic book; Something is Killing the Children-a horror graphic novel; Kimi Ni Todoke is a shoujo manga etc.

The craft book I’m listening to on Audible is called Worldbuilding for Fantasy Fans and Authors by M. D. Presley. It is an in-depth deep dive into worldbuilding using the usual suspects as examples. I am hoping to get some insight on how to develop my story worlds.

That is all I have for now. I hope you all are doing well.


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