Updates December 05-09


Photo by John Griffith on Pexels.com

Last week, went smoothly, which was strange.  I got most of what I wrote about done.  Which was a set up and reorganization of the writing projects.  I am still adding words to Makers because there is a half of a third scene plaguing me.  I was also looking over the scenes and notes for Connection Lost and searching for everything I wrote on the story now called Fayte.  If I wrote about in the past updates, it might be called Night Taxi or Kharon’s mantle.  None of these working titles worked for me. I decided to call the story after the female lead, her name is Fayte.  I am not sure about that name as a working title either, but I am going to go for it.  The last story that was prominent in my mind, last week is called Scions.  It is a story that deals with a half-dragon mage living in the modern world.  It is quite possible that listening to the Death Before Dragons series, reminded me that I had a story like Scions under development.   In the future I might share short summaries for these working titles. I know one was done with Connection Lost, but that story goes under the overall working title of Midnight Fantasy Witch Tech.  There might be some research involved before I do a whole recap. 

The side job of childcare has gone on hiatus.  I need to be able to make money to live.  I have started to look for another day job and that is a job in itself.  The resume has been revamped but since I’ve been sick, it effects the jobs that I am looking for now.  The hustle is long and frustrating.  My silver lining is that I got some coffee stickers, along with the stickers of my day planners and washi tape.  I plan to make my days in December look pretty on paper, reality may differ.  The decorate-for-the-holidays family members have move to their own houses.  I put most of my cheer out on the internet.  

The flower pictures I will be using for the month of December are snowdrops.  I saw an image and I just really liked it and collected all the ones I could for free. Thank you Pexels and WordPress.   I didn’t think to look up the flower for December.  Snowdrops are listed as a January flower, and holly and narcissus flowers are listed as December flowers.  My ignorance has placed me on a path I am sticking to.   I have done this before with birthstones and I think birth flowers.  Deciding on a set of images for the month helps with posts. 

As stated, before I am listening to the Death Before Dragons series by Lindsay Buroker, it is a nine-book series, and I am listening to book 5 Storm Forged. The series started off with the main character being a loner, she has now reconnected with her estranged family and has some found family as well.  Everything that has occurred is believable, so there is no room to call BS on anything. Lindsay Buroker is a slow-burn type of author.  Her main female characters always have a love interest, but it takes almost to the end of the series for them to get horizontal. I have only listened to the 2 series so far and this feels like a feature of the stories.  Her most recent series is based in the Death Before Dragon world. It is not free on YouTube, so it is on my wish list on Audible.

The goals for this week are to continue with the reorganizing of the writing projects.  One priority is to revise and update the essay on adaptations.  The second will be the outline for the December 21 essay that will be posted on Medium.com.  I will also be making changes to this website blog. Please if anyone has any constructive suggestions or criticisms, I am open to read it, by all means, share. 

That is all for now.  I hope these words find you all doing well.  Remember to be kind. 


Photo by Sonny Sixteen on Pexels.com

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