Updates November 21-25


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This is the last full week of NaNoWriMo. I am nowhere close to 50K words, I haven’t even made it to 10k. It would be okay if the other writing projects were worked on as well but those were also neglected.  This is going to be the last entry, where I write like this.  I like talking about not writing and the frustration of having a story in mind and heart but not on paper. However, this method may not be improving my situation.  Let’s start giving the writing week a rate.  I have gold and silver glitter star stickers, and I’ve decided to use them.  This is how they are going to be used.  I put one on the week during the week review.  It is something I am supposed to do with my planner over the weekend or on Monday.  Most of my writing week in November has been bronze stars.  I don’t have any bronze star stickers; I will improvise with a stamp or something.  I wrote on average 50 to 100 words on this story, every 2or 3 days.  That is an average estimate.  I also didn’t write every day on this project. 

I can’t pinpoint when things went south.  Sometime this week I will have to do some soul-searching.  But that is not what this update is about.   In previous entries, I wrote that I would explain the story, and the nano writing project, I wanted to work on during this month.  It can be honestly stated that during October, there should have been more preparation but incidents and activities outside of my control affected my time and motivation.  Despite all that, I must do my best to keep my promises. 

The working title for the writing project is called Makers and Mages.  The setting is a secondary world in the far future.  It is a romantic fantasy. The female lead is a human mage princess, her name is Taira Bright. She gets exiled from her kingdom by marriage to an elf prince.  I call him Caldir.  He is the crown prince and a maker.  Taira and Caldir have a strong dislike for each other and general hate for each other’s people.  At least that is what is believed.   There has been a human/elf war and both main characters will do what they can to prevent another war.  This is a basic enemies-to-lovers trope with a dab of forced marriage.  There were so many possibilities what could go wrong?

I’m looking over my notes and stuff to figure this out.  Meanwhile, this update and the Medium check-up entry are all due on Monday, November 21, because I want to be consistent.  These words may have been used before but not doing the research in the updates to find out. 

One of my many goals for this month was to keep the story simple, a romantic fantasy where two people who don’t like each other end up loving each other.  If the story needed to be turned into a fantasy romance, where my characters don’t like each other but eventually love each other and must save their kingdoms, as they know them, from a supernatural disaster or war.  Those elements need to be added later.   This was said before numerous possibilities, too many and I got overwhelmed.  I also wanted the story to have a setting that was a blend of medieval, modern, and futuristic aesthetics.  My elves were makers and thus a solar punk green city-state.  Now that this is written out, does that sound too ambitious?  Add that to the review list for Monday. 

In reading news, the Agents of the Crown series by Lindsay Buroker and narrated by Vivienne Leheny is complete, listened to the last chapters of Dragon Tears while playing Farmville 2.  I was able to enjoy a good book and reach level 75 in the game.   I also read a book titled Border CTRL+ESC by Ivy L. James, it was bought because I really liked the cover.  That story is a contemporary romance, with a forced marriage/friends-to-lovers trope blend.  Sometimes when I am stuck in writing my own romance stories it benefits me to read or listen to others.   Still on the fence if any of these books helped me or not this time.    

The goal for this week is to get to 10k or 15k by the end of this week.  It will be near impossible b/c of the holiday.  I won’t be starting a new audiobook series or book.  It just might be a catch-up week all around.  I have several books that were on hiatus.

That is all for now.  I hope these words find you all doing well.  Remember to be kind.


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