Updates November 14-18


Thank you for the likes and follows. 

This NaNoWriMo event has not been as productive as I would like.  I was good for about seven days but lost my streak and then my words kind of dried up.  Author and YouTube Creator Sarra Cannon spoke about days like this and for me, the weekend had been a few days like this.  When neither the spirit nor the body is willing to do what has to be done.   It was an odd feeling different from what was going on before.  This may appear negative, but I was able to pull myself out or ride it through.  That must be positive.  

The goal for this week is to reach 10k words or more.  Right now, the word count is at 6500 words rounded up.  That is estimated to be 2 and ½ scenes. I write scenes instead of chapters for my comfort.  Two weeks in and it does not seem like a lot.  This week will be a crunch week because after this week is the Thanksgiving holiday and it is going to be a lot.  Hanging out with family, cooking food, eating, etc.  I want to squeeze out a bit of time for writing but not sure how that will happen.  It is a safe bet that this month was not planned out as well as I thought it could be. Lesson learned next time I will do better.

It was noticed later last week that in the previous entry, there might be a small misunderstanding.  Jeffe Kennedy and other authors of many genres are putting their audiobooks on YouTube.  I don’t know for how long; some have been for a year or more, and some have been up for less.  I was listening to the Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco on YouTube and then it was gone. Not sure if it was because of piracy or just the authors’/publishers’ will.  Luckily for me, I had an Audible credit and was able to get it through that platform. Now I tend to look and see who is posting the content.  For example, currently listening to Lindsay Buroker – Agents of the Crown series.  It is up on the Lindsay Buroker channel.  Not sure if there is a verification mark but there are other videos up on the channel by the author.  This was a roundabout way to tell what I’ve been reading/ listening to.  I will admit I was interested in the world-building of this fantasy world. Some points of the book were unsettling for me, and others were very good.  I love the banter and romance between the two main characters.  I am of course holding my final judgment for when I listen to book 5 of the series.  I think it will be complete, but I can be wrong.  The series started in 2018 and a fantasy series can last up to 10 books or more.

That is all for now.  I wish it could be more interesting but that is being saved for the fiction writing projects.   I hope these words find you all doing well.  For writers participating in NaNoWriMo, you can do it.  For those writers who are not and still writing, you can do it as well.  Remember to be kind and open to positive opportunities.  


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