Updates November 07-11


Thank you for the likes and follows.

It has begun.  National Novel Writing Month, this will be the first whole week of November.  I have been able to update my writing status every day, but the word count has lessened.  On the first day, I was able to produce 2000 words.  Which was great?  The key to my success is that I was thinking about that first scene for several months. The words for the second and third scenes are slower to produce.  I don’t like all of them, but they are staying in the document until after November. I started writing everything by hand it is beginning to hem me in a bit.  This week I will be transitioning to the laptop.  So overall the week went well.  I always feel I’m at a production-level deficit, so that is one thing.  But not always the truth.  Trying to describe my mood, the representation is the straight-lipped smiley face.  

I thought I would be more excited to be doing this project, but I have 3 possibly 4 writing projects besides this one that has to be done or have some pages on them.  Something is bound to be neglected because I really want to win Nano this month.  I would also like to add that the person who designed the badges and banners for this month is awesome.  Ellie Dashwood on YouTube was speaking about her sponsor being Skillshare and she promoted a class on drawing flowers.  I have a Skillshare account and yes, I want to take the course.  But it will have to happen in December.  I am already taking a class in Microsoft Office, this month.   It was not mentioned before but yes, I am doing that as well as writing in Nano.  Am I a masochist?

In reading/listening news, author of fantasy romance and romance fantasy Jeffe Kennedy posted her trilogy the Bonds of Magic – Dark Wizard, Bright Familiar, and Grey Magic on YouTube.  I was greatly pleased with what she did.   Dark Wizard has been on my TBR for several months now.  I don’t know who told authors to promote their books this way, but I am grateful.   Jeffe Kennedy has a very interesting writing style and world-building skills that I envy.  The only drawback to listening to books on YT is that you give up a type of control.   For example, I bought Jeffe Kennedy’s fourth book set in that world called Shadow Wizard on Audible.  I can rewind or fast forward by chapters.  That option is not given on YT, I mean you can rewind but you don’t have precision.  I listened to Shadow Wizard over the weekend, it closed on a cliffhanger.  Not sure how I feel about that.   It seems to be part of Ms. Kennedy’s style. The next book in the series is called Rogue Familiar it will be out next year if all goes well.  I can’t wait. 

I have not been watching many shows.  The only one I am willing to write about now is the anime Spy X Family.  It has started its second season on Hulu.  For reasons, I thought it would be shown on Netflix but that did not happen.  I am withholding my judgment on Rings of Power because I am revising an essay on adaptations.  My thoughts on that show will be added to that work. 

I know there is something else I should be adding to this update but can’t think of it now. Think of this entry as a standalone. So that is all for now. I hope these words find you all doing well. Do not hesitate to send constructive comments if inclined. Remember to be kind to each other, this is the season.


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