Updates October 31-November 04


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is not much to report for last week. The work/life balance has been a struggle again. My dad’s health has steadily improved. Which is great. Over the weekend, I felt kind of unmotivated. Then I realized this or something similar has been written before.  There are times when I push through and force myself to do things, but this time I didn’t. I slept, read some manhwas, and mangas, then watched a few Terminator movies, 2, 3, and 4.  It was just two days and very soon November will be here.  There are a lot of projects planned for this time. Taking some time off seemed like a better method than enduring.   It was a relief and unsettling to let myself do nothing.  This mini-reset will help me face the new challenges, I have set for myself.

The goals for this week are to write, and update on the National Novel Writing Month site, I want to get as many badges as I can.  I have not registered yet but plan to today.  The working title for the nano writing project is called Makers and Mages.  It is an alternate world set in the far future.  There is a political marriage between a mage princess and an elf prince.  My elves are going to be similar to Tolkien elves in name only because JRR Tolkien was good at naming things and characters. There are going to be characters with names ending in -el, -ir, -en, ien, -las, and wyn. I won’t use any name made popular by the legendarium.  I do remember writing that I would elaborate on it more, but life got in the way.  Something else was added to my task list. Yay.  Since I’ve been preparing for November.  I paused on writing Connection Lost.  I feel bad that I put it aside despite pushing through and writing that scene. In my head, I have been thinking about what to do next but haven’t found what I am looking for to extend the story.  I know what I want to happen, but I also want it to be seamless.  I understand that it can be fixed in revisions.  That will be my mantra for Makers.  With Connection Lost it is a little different, I can’t tell you why it just is. 

The manhwas-Korean comics and mangas- Japanese comics are interesting. Some were bootleg and NSFW, their titles are slipping out of my mind now. However, although they were labeled as R or X content, I found that most of the stories were plausible.  They were no different from what I have read in romance or erotica novels.  I tend to look for stories in the Josei category.  I read somewhere that Josei is in the Japanese adult woman category.  Many of these stories deal with the lives and loves of modern women. Some do have a fantasy or supernatural aspect, but I haven’t read a memorable story in a while.  This is something that may need more time before I elaborate on it. 

That is all for now. I hope these words find you all doing well. Remember to be open to new opportunities and to always be kind.


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