Updates October 03-07


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week was a murphy’s law or razor, it felt like I was cut, and it was bad.  Not only bad for me but worse for my dad.  The day after the last update was posted, he was in the hospital again.  He is elderly and they admitted him these days as a precaution.   There were some complications with the procedure, but it was handled with antibiotics.  He was released on Saturday, October 1st.   There has been some improvement, but we are keeping a closer eye on him. 

Since the IRL was up in the air, writing took a backseat.  Despite, all my previous words about getting deep into writing.  I didn’t write much on plans the last update.  I wrote mostly about adaptations and character analysis.   All that led to me watching the first 4 episodes of Rings of Power.  I am a sucker for the underdog.  I will say that there are parts of the story that is different from how I understood it. My level of irritation is very low.  I like the actors playing their parts.  My biggest complaint is even though I like Arondir.  I kind of prefer long-haired Tolkien elves.  I also think that certain characters should have developed differently.  When I mean certain characters, I mean Galadriel.  If this is after Morgoth was defeated, Beleriand and Doriath are no more.  Galadriel should have already known Queen Melian and I was led to believe that her apprenticeship with this Maiar helped temper her ambition.  However, I find it interesting, to see restless elves. There are other things that break suspension of disbelief but there are not enough to make me not watch the story.  I noticed that the action kicked up a notch, but I don’t know what happened because my brothers and I talked more than we watched that show at that point.  Overall, I am interested to see what happens next. 

As mentioned in a previous entry, it is now Preptober.  I am following Sarra Cannon on her Heart Breathings channel on YouTube. She has a whole October setup and daily vlogs planned for November.   The 2022 Preptober planner has been downloaded and printed.  I would’ve preferred an A5 option for print, but it did not happen this year.  Just when I decided to make my A5 binder planner the works-in-progress notebook.  This also was not mentioned previously, in this last quarter I am trying out a 90-day planner, instead of trying to stuff one into a binder.  There is no real explanation for how casual disorganization became dysfunctional chaos real quick and it took most of the 2nd and 3rd quarters for me to find a solution. I am not even sure this one is going to work. I’m doing it anyway.   NaNoWriMo also offers a Preptober hand out free of charge.  You can get it as long as you are a member, I think. Participation is not a requirement, and it is free.  Next week will be all about the preparations for November and the story.  Right now, everything is too new.  There is also the non-writing life that is more important.

I wanted to write more but other priorities took precedence.  The result is this entry posted on Tuesday.   I hope everyone has a good week.  Rember to be kind.  

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