Updates September 12-16


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The first week of September and a lot has happened. I don’t know how to respond safely to what is going on in this world. I am a small content creator in a vast sea of creators. Recently while listening to a commentator discuss a publishing debacle, not the legal one. This issue had to do with privilege and success. I decided that I had to bury the fear of being dragged over the internet, but these people are vicious. A small fish like me is not able to survive things like that. Therefore, I am keeping my thoughts to myself.  I will likely share them in other ways.  There is one thing that you should know about me is that I have voted in almost every election since I’ve become legal.  I did it in New York and I did it when I lived in Georgia.  However, this blog will not become political. To speak about things politically you must have facts.  I am generally lazy and won’t do the research and I like fiction more.

The image on the right is a Midjourney AI render. The words I used were summer turning to fall in a Queens neighborhood. I am not sure if I should’ve added Queens NY or not. But I like the render. I will be using more images in the future. 

In Writing News Connection Lost is doing well. The narrative took a turn I didn’t expect. Since then, the desire to go back and make everything align has been powerful but I am muddling through. This draft was started in during Nanowrimo and although it is well known that the first draft is the worst possible draft of the story. My feelings are telling me that if the words are not perfect what is my purpose as a writer. What quelled that beast is something I watched on Sunday. There is a YouTube Channel called Swell Entertainment. She was alluded to in the opening paragraph. She is new to me, but the issue was not, I first heard it from another YT creator. In her comments section, a commentator explain why they disliked the book Swell was discussing. Swell was not exactly talking about the book but all the things that are entailed with producing and debuting books. The publishing industry- the fans, the stans, and the haters. The person’s words had me thinking that we have forgotten that the famous lauded authors we know, and love wrote horrible books, and they got them published. We can write bad stories, clean them up, publish them, make notes where we went wrong, and correct them in another story. All creatives should be given some grace if a product is not for you, understand that it was put in the world for someone else. The craft and skill can be improved over time.  Many outspoken reviewers/commentators are expecting perfect narratives and stories.  Meanwhile, all the “experts” continue to tell us, the writers, that perfection is impossible.  The catch-22, doubled to 44, then doubled again to 88, that is as far as I go with that math analogy.

There has been some reading done but there isn’t much to say about it good or bad. I am just processing the words. I had planned to post reviews every Wednesday but failed miserably. I apologize. It is clear that since 2020, I have become an avid YouTube user. I had even considered making videos. YouTube has been a place where readers have given reviews for many years. Content creators are connecting their channels to TikTok and vice versa. Reading a book recommended by TikTok has become a thing people do. I have not heard a positive review about a book yet. I do believe they are out there but lost to me. I can’t see myself reading a book to the end on TikTok’s recommendation alone. I salute anyone who has that tenacity and then puts out a review via all or any of the social media available.

That is all for now. I hope these words are entertaining and intriguing. Please remember to be kind, especially to those who don’t deserve it. Have a great week.


P.S.: I learned later that the host of Swell Entertainment’s name is Amanda.

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