Updates September 05-09


Thank you for the likes and follows.

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ProWritingAid Science Fiction Writer’s week was great. I could not catch any of the lectures live, but they are available on replay for members. Glad that I joined earlier this year. The week was filled with more author interviews than workshops but it is all good. As a member of ProWritingAid, I try to keep up with all the services they offer, blog articles, webinars, etc. On September 5, they will be a zoom meeting for interested writers. It is hosted by Hailey Millman she is the Head of Education at ProWritingAid. She has also been the interviewer for many of the authors during many events like this. I am aware that this entry will post on Monday, September 5. Here is another ironic thing, while writing about ProwritingAid, each sentence is being read and corrected by Grammarly. Both services work well and I don’t have favorites. I use ProWritingAid on certain projects because I’m a paid member and they offer more. I have not worked the cost of Grammarly into my budget to become a member. When Grammarly highlights words or phrases they won’t elaborate on, the paragraph is copied and pasted to the ProWritingAid editor and they help me. Using the service had made me aware of word usage most of all.

The other technological service help that I love is Midjourney AI. It is so good. I have a basic subscription of $10 a month. It allows me to find and follow members on the Midjourney AI Gallery. I have liked other images generated by others but I have only followed my friend who also has a paid subscription. It has not been confirmed but I think you can’t get a following unless you are a paid member. I learning to be more descriptive with my words and even when the program does not get what I am thinking the images it generates gives me ideas. Things I make notes of.

In writing news, I have a mini breakthrough with the scene, written about previously. I have been able to define the motivation and conflict of two important characters. There was a misconception on my part about my main character. It had to do with her goal, motivation, and conflict. I was aware that she would have issues that are similar because of her ability or lack of it. However, each GMC is different even though she is the same character. No, what I mean is that this character changes over time. Her GMC will change as well. Especially in each novella. I realized the project can get confusing since I am writing each story in a non-linear fashion. I was attempting to hone my characters a certain way because their futures were written a particular way. That was very wrong. I can’t say when or how the epiphany got me. But it was understood how this misconception was hindering the story. I am writing a zero or fast draft, and was moving ahead not thinking that a lot can be fixed in revisions. This was something that was known but not at the same time. Sorry if this sound confusing.

Author and Book Coach Samantha Skal titled her lecture with ProWritingAid “How to Get Out of Revision Hell”, she bravely let the audience know that her novel went through 20 revisions. I am honestly afraid of getting into that stage. I am also looking forward to it at the same time because it would mean that I have completed a draft and am at a different stage of the writing process. Maybe I am a masochist, something to think about.

I don’t have any reading news or visual news. Rings of Power a LOTR prequel has been released on Amazon Prime. I have not watched it yet. House of the Dragon, the GOT prequel has also been released to positive reviews. I’m not watching that one either. I am waiting for the fever to die down a bit. Despite liking the genre I was not a fan of Game of Thrones, I don’t know why. There were aspects of it that were fun. I love the opening song. But I was not an avid fan of the series at all. Therefore I didn’t feel betrayed with season 8.

This week I will be focusing on Connection Lost, completing this scene, and developing characters for later scenes. I have two audio-books on hold that might be listened to this week.

That is all for now. I hope this entry finds you all doing well. Please remember to be kind to each other.


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