Updates August 22-26

Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week, I should have written about skipping this week’s update but that didn’t happen. This entry is late, my week works a little better for me when I post. I did write about my birthday on Sunday on this site and on Medium.com. I invite you to give me some claps over there. August 22nd is my sister’s birthday. We usually celebrate together and for two days we did. It wasn’t a grand birthday blitz. It was still a good one, I went to some new places, met some new people, and reconnected with some old friends. I enjoyed myself and I am glad about that.

Looking into how to spruce up the website. I am aware that most of what I write can only be of interest to me. I do it because writing about the struggles of writing clears the mind. The need to share with others who might be going through the same thing, I believe is helpful for my mindset and can be helpful to others. There might not be tried and true solutions; the suggestions are optional. As well as the acknowledgment that you are not alone. It is often said by authors more successful but I doubt it is ever understood by us on the lower tiers. I know we go through the same writing woes as successfully published authors but they break through in places where we haven’t yet.

I haven’t decided on what I am going to do. But I found the Midjourney app and others like it promising. I have ideas for my characters what they look like, where they live etc. Pinterest can only do so much. There are times when one image has the right hairstyle but the earrings are off. There are times when I need an obviously Black character but all the aesthetics are on another person. It can defeat my visual purpose, AI’s like Midjourney and artbreeder seem like fun exersizes that can help the writing projects along. These sites cost about $10 or more to have a subscription. I don’t have one officially yet but there are friends who really like them.

I don’t have any words to say about the craft books I planned to read. I haven’t really started them. It had to do with the work part of life and the fact that my birthday was coming up. I have started to read some comics on comic apps, like Tapas.io and TappyToon,com. I might a list later on this topic and share. I was pleased to learn that about half of comics I am reading are also being read by a well known author team I follow. The craft reading will happen just not last week.

The writing goal for this week is to complete the fast draft of the scene I started about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if it was mentioned in the previous entries, but I realized something about a character I didn’t notice before. It is not the main character but his actions effects her life. Taking some time to explore his GMC will help the story.

That is all I have for this week. I hope these words finds you in a good mindset, remember to be kind and don’t miss any opportunity.


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