Updates August 15-19

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Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week there was no update, because of the weekend. It is true that I should have the majority of what I will post every Monday. For example the progress or regression on the writing projects. The books I find that are interesting. Shows on cable and streaming services. There is usually an outline of sorts to follow. But last weekend I had no time to do anything. Over the weekend I went to some events and did not have the energy to post. I apologize if anyone was expecting the Monday update. I would love to say that it won’t happen again but that would be a lie. This is also a busy month.

August is my birthday month. In fact next week Sunday will be my birthday. I was okay with the birthday coming up but as the day draws close, I’m reflecting on my life and I don’t like everything. I don’t have regrets. I feel for the missed opportunities. These feelings won’t send me into a rut but my awareness of it is what I feel is important. Being aware should help me either make better decisions or accept consequences when I don’t. I will share a photo of the birthday cake if I have one. The birthstones for August are sardonyx and peridot. The flowers of the month are gladiolus and poppies. I also read somewhere that marigolds as well are flowers for August but I am not sure. If anyone definitely knows leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

I watched the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman on Netflix. It is a great story to watch. I suggest watching them in two episode batches, to process. However, if you know about the comic binge away if you prefer. Neil Gaiman is the type of storyteller I want to be. Even though the story was great, I still have questions. I will look for them when all the accolades about the series have died down. Until that time I suggest to everyone reading this to also watch Neil Gaiman host a quick mythology Q&A for WIRED on YouTube.

In writing news, I have moved on to a new scene in Connection Lost. It also introduces a new character. At first, I thought he would be an ally to my character instead I get the feeling that he might be an open antagonist. There is a hidden antagonist and some clues are left. I feel good that I have moved on. Adding this in early, the goal for the next two days will be to complete that scene. It may be difficult, due to birthday things.

In reading news, I have gotten into the sub-genre of dark romance. It is a guilty read and I hang my head in shame. I think I mentioned author Jamila Jasper in a previous entry. I admire her marketing strategy. Since she has many books published, most are on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. I did find her on the romance reading apps, Kiss and Radish. I was able to read her backlog. I was able to see how her writing has improved. I am a nerd for that kind of stuff. This author does need an editor to help with consistency but overall unique reads. After reading two of her stories, which have things in them that should often be reported to the police instead of being a catalyst of everlasting love. I was uncomfortable with myself because I was fine with how the story proceeded. Is that a skill or something wrong with me?

Reading goals, I have decided that I have to read something more edifying. The two books I am looking at are Goal, Motivation, Conflict by Debra Dixon and The Fantasy Fiction Formula by Deborah Chester. Both books are highly recommended by many authors and writers at every level of success. Despite still working on my writing project, I feel that looking at these books will help me with future drafts.

That is all I have to write for this week. I hope you all are doing well. Don’t dwell on missed opportunities and remember to be kind.


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