Updates August 01-05


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Congratulations to Everyone who won at Camp NaNoWriMo!

Last week was supposed to be a mad scramble to get the words I needed for Camp Nanowrimo. I had already concluded that I was staying in the loser’s club. Instead, there was some research and a decent pace of writing. I am still dealing with an ear infection. I haven’t had one in a long time, so I guess I was due.

Writing news in detail.

Connection Lost is no longer in a holding pattern of sorts. The research included visual cues for characters and answered questions like what is the difference between an MD doctor and a DO doctor. How long is a flight from the east coast to the west? Do birds ruffle or preen their feathers? Important deep introspective questions for the characters’ sake. I don’t exactly have a theme for this story. I want to have a distinct beginning, middle, and end before thinking hard about the theme. However, the point of the story comes to mind often. The story has a lot to do with connections, the main character maintaining old ones and making new connections as well as breaking some. There are connections being made and revealed only to readers. Being alone or achieving on one’s own is all about perspective. The main character does not have the ability of others that surround her but she does have a distinct aptitude unlike any other. She has come to terms with it and needs to use it to save herself and possibly others. At least that is what I wanted the story to be about. The longer I live with it the more I change and the meanings change as well. Something to think about.

Reading news

But first, I’m sorry. I wanted this website to have a review day. My thoughts and pertinent information on various forms of media. But I have not been keeping up with it. I want to read smart interesting books and I want to share thoughts on them as well. I am also 77% lazy. There is so little time. Many of the books, I read are commercial genre books. I don’t have the patients for whatever people call literary books. But I do recognize their prestige. This is the second month of the 3rd quarter. I will do better.

Over the last week, I have come across the beginning of a romance book series by the Amalfi Coast Brotherhood by author Jamila Jasper. I found her on Amazon. I don’t know if she sells wide. It is a contemporary, interracial romance book. What made the book series interesting to me is that the cover of the second book caught my eye. I realized it was a series and found book 1, Forced to Surrogate. The book marketing strategy reminded me of Piper Rayne- Greene Family and Bailey Family series. They pique interest in characters by having them in the books and this continues with pre-order covers. Although I fall for it, I can also see the planning. It is possible that I am envious of all that work.

I also fell into a manhwa hole and started to read several comics. The list is long and there are 2 completed stories. I don’t have all the information not sure where I will start. Consider this a holding pattern until further notice.

This is all I have to write about last week. This week’s goals are similar to last week. Apologies again for this late edition. As usual, the work/life balance is at fault. I hope everyone has a good week. Remember to be kind.


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