Updates July 18-22


Thank you for the likes and follows.

I’ve been off kilter for a number of weeks. Camp Nanowrimo could be to blame, but that is not true. Since April I took on responsibilities that I low-key regret now. The time I had in abundance to do as I please is gone and there is no real compensation. It is a growing annoyance. Not going to add to that, it would be too much information and utterly irrelevant for the purpose of this entry.

Over the weekend, I saw the trailer of the film Persuasion on Netflix. It seems they have “Netflix Bridgertoned” Persuasion. I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad. Personally, I feel grim about it. The diversity is great. I am not sure about the portrayal of the main character. This is not a question of the skills of Dakota Johnson, but of how we modernize certain characters to fit our sensibilities. It is number 2 on Netflix’s trending list. There will be some buzz about it on YouTube by the Jane Austen experts/fans and the regency/Victorian fashion experts. My YT algorithm has been saturated with politics or I might’ve heard of this sooner. I am all for bad adaptations because, although they may not be made for me, they will entertain and inspire someone. I became a Jane Austen fan because of the most inaccurate Pride and Prejudice film, the one made in the 1940s starring Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. It is still my favorite. I love the story of Persuasion. There is a soft spot in my heart for the 1995 film and mixed feelings on the 2007 version. Despite the odd feelings, I reserve judgment.

Last week was a hard scramble to catch up with the word count on Camp Nanowrimo. As of the 16th of July, I am still 10k words behind. No matter what happens this week, I will not reach the goal set by Camp Nanowrimo. A little annoyed with that realization, 3rd time is the charm. I will be ready in November with a brand-new story idea. I won’t stop writing Connection Lost until the story is complete.

I finally got around to watch Obi-wan Kenobi on Disney plus not all the episodes, just the five episodes. I paid more attention to the character of Reva played by Moses Ingram. Due to the nonsense that was stirred up. There are flaws to her character like there are flaws in any character. I think all the characters in that series had issues. I don’t blame the actors. Whenever I look at a Star Wars show, I always think they left so much of the story out. Fans literally fill it with head cannon and fanatics get upset when the narrative does not match what they were thinking. I am not like that. This is my opinion of the five episodes, Obi-wan has lost hope. The empire is established and exploiting the known universe. Jedi are being hunted and killed because many have an inherent will to help wherever they can. Some have joined the faction of the Imperial Inquisitors. The overall view is that most people are miserable, but there are also some who are benefitting from the disaster that is the empire. The story does not stay with those people for long. It goes to outer-rim where people live rough lives or over-populated black market planets. I don’t know the name of those worlds or where they are in the Star Wars universe. It looks like everyone there is doing something shady to survive. This is where most of the action happens. Where people make decisions about what they are fighting for and who. It is interesting, this is what we are to think changes Obi-Wan from the person after the 3rd prequel to the man we see in Episode 4. I want to write more about it but I have to stop because I haven’t watched part six. I can say that I have not been pulled out of suspension of disbelief entirely. That might be a good thing? Part six is the incentive I have chosen for the next 5000 words in Connection Lost.

This update is longer than I expected. Not sure what I will read this week. That is a struggle for another update. I have a set writing goal. This week there will be a reading list. I have run out of things to write about. Times are hard and every day we are being told the world is not getting better. I believe it would when we are actually kind and polite to each other however I also believe in boundaries. I hope we all have a good week.


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