Updates June 20-24


Thank you for the likes and follows. Happy Belated Father’s Day and Juneteenth.

On Sunday I thought I knew what would be written in the entry. I didn’t write an outline or anything. I’m a bit at a loss now that I am typing. I spent most of last week reviewing my various writing projects, avoiding the reviews I promised to listen to and write up, and working on an essay I started in May. It was an okay week. I started to watch YouTube videos about the Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press Style. I wanted to get a better understanding of both styles and possibly place an ad on a service app like Fiverr. Writing for the love and art of it is great but so is writing to keep a roof over my head. The AP style is very straightforward and easier to understand than the Chicago Style. I feel like that I should have learned some of this in High School but I can’t remember. I have also been collecting newsletters from other successful authors. They all tend to have something interesting to write about, a beautiful cover of a book to debut, and useful tips on the writing life experience. These updates are supposed to be a less formal type of newsletter. It is possible in the future I will be trying a new format. Not next week, but at the start of the 3rd quarter which is literally weeks away.

I have not exactly been writing but I have been trying to find my mind on the stories I’ve started. It probably started as a procrastination scheme but the more I look at the stories I started I want to complete them. Some I might keep just for myself and the others I will definitely share at a reasonable price. This storyteller has to live and eat.

The goal for this week is to get some writing done. There are three projects that will be in focus, a short story, an essay, and a review. There will also be research on how to improve this website. The reading goals are to complete the two audiobooks I have mentioned previously. Work-life is always changing so I have to prepare for it and adjust accordingly. I haven’t watched anything that I want to comment on yet. This includes the January 6th Hearings.

That is all for this week. I hope we are all able to be kind to each other and be open to new opportunities. Enjoy the National holiday.


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