Updates June 13-17


Thank you for the likes and follows.

This is a late and special edition, posted on Tuesday, June 14th. I am keeping the date title as is. Consider it consequences for non-action.

Last week was another bare minimum week. I am annoyed with it but will continue to persist, I think I use the other word too much. This is the last month of the 2nd quarter. I need to show some reasonable progress on the writing projects I have in development. This is the second week of the month and I am nervous about it. I make plans when writing these posts and I rarely follow through, the fault is 50/50, sometimes it is me and sometimes it is outside forces. Most times I feel like an idiot, I don’t have the money to take a course like HB90, a course or workshop intentionally created for writers to be more productive, at least that is how I understand it. It was created by author Sarra Cannon, she has two YouTube channels, one called HeartBreathing and the other Sarra Cannon. I follow her and glean what I can when I can. Not sure how effective it is.

I didn’t watch the Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ or Miss Marvel either. They are on the To-Be-Watched List (TBW). I haven’t really watched anything but really quick recaps on K-dramas and other movies on YouTube. I don’t have a reason why except that they are quick and can drop them at any time to take care of a kid, and don’t feel any guilt. I did watch the next episode of Spy X Family. I like this show enough to consider buying the manga. It is not in the budget yet.

In writing news, I am doing an overhaul. That is the best way I can describe it. I am looking at various writing projects in stages of development. Looking over these projects has been my “Sisyphus rock” for the last couple of weeks. I take it with me to Brooklyn with plans to work on it. It does happen sometimes, and then I take it back home with plans to work on it. When I am home, I go to bed. I am usually coming home at 11:30pm. I am only a night owl when I can sleep all morning the next day.

I am also in a holding pattern for reading. I am annoyed with myself as much as you all are annoyed with me. A goal for this week, recognize the issue and strive to do better by doing something different. This special post is not proof of that at all.

That is all for now. I hope I have a good week and pray the same for everyone. Remember to be kind and open to opportunities.


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