Updates May 16 -20


Thank you for the likes and follows.

The work/life/day job balance is still an issue. I feel like I am only getting the bare minimum done. Which is annoying? I’m open to positive constructive suggestions, that can be left in the comments below. I am making lists of what has to be done but after the day job, I have no energy. Looking into taking vitamins for a boost and prevention of anything else. I don’t think I have stressed enough how important health is for a writer’s life.

About a week ago, I came across a Youtube Thumbnail it featured a subject I have been tossing around for months. Up until that time it had never been on my recommendation list. I felt a type of way. I didn’t watch the video despite really wanting to. Just to hear what someone else thought of the subject. I desired to not do it because my essay on it has not been published yet and I am tweaking it. It has a broad tie-in with the Lord of the Rings spin-off that is coming out later this year. I didn’t know that when I started the essay. There was the teaser and people- fans, Tolkien loyalists, all had something to say about it and it was mostly negative. I am on the fence over the whole subject. There are people who wish the LOTR spin-off to reflect RR Tolkien, I believe that sentiment is understandable but also impossible. We live in different times than when Tolkien made up this world. I think that his work, despite it being phenomenally good, has unintended biases. It was something that was inescapable because of where he grew up and what he believed in. One of the main things about Tolkien’s work is that there is a distinct line between good and evil. These days audiences are aware of the gray character and redemption arcs. Anyone of these arcs will interest some fans and not others. It all depends on who is more vocal.

Over the weekend, I made a list of my writing projects. There are several in various stages of development. I am reading them and making notes for later. Connection Lost is still the main story of this quarter. The writing goal is to complete the dinner table scene. The writing projects will require more planning.

Instead of listening to audiobooks or reading online, I started to read two Korean manhwas. Graphic novels were created by Korean artists and writers. Many are based on webnovels and many of them are later adapted to live-action K-dramas. The two that caught my eye over the weekend were The Thorn that pierces on Tappytoon and How to Hide the Emperor’s Child on Tapas. Both stories are fantasies but they are also very different in execution. Both are ongoing series, so I will talk about the first five episodes at a later date.

That is all I have to type to write today. I hope that you all are doing well. Now more than ever we need to be kind to each other and stay positive.


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