Update May 09-13


Thank you for the likes and follows. Sorry for the late edition.

I almost had a writing/life/day job balance. Things went left and I am in a bad mood. This is disappointing since the weather for today appears to be good and nothing like the picture for this entry. I am completely behind on the work that I have to do. It is clear to me that I’m in a bit of a self-sabotage rut. The best part of becoming aware is when you have the energy to change. Earlier this year I wouldn’t have posted anything. Lament about not keeping my goals next week. It may not be perfect but I am glad this post will come out today. I am striving for writing to be a career not just something I do with my free time. So I write for better or worse. Today is worse but it is getting better.

In writing news, not much is going on. I am working out scenes for the story. I am using writing prompts as a catalyst. Not sure if that is the correct word but that is how I am using them to produce non-linear scenes for Connection Lost. One of the things I wanted to put into the stories with this main character is that she is not alone. Often in urban fantasies, the main character is an orphan, an only child, and a loner. He or she may gain a family later on and one or two of them might be blood-related. But the character is always alone in some form. Now that I wrote that, my character also has a form of loneliness about her, despite her literally not being alone. It is something she believes; it is not true and during the course of the story, she’ll get an epiphany.

While listening to an author’s weekly podcast, I noticed that she did more planning for her books than I did. I decided to try her method, it might prove to be difficult because I started the writing project already but I do have stories in development that could benefit from this. I will try to keep you all updated on that status.

In reading news, I started to relisten to an audiobook I wanted to write a review. I thought I had everything I needed to write a review but when the time came to start. I avoided it like the plague. That does not speak well of me. I started to read and listen to other books. That was a mistake. Especially since I have a direction I want this blog/website to take. I will do better.

These are the goals for this week to do better than last week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I wish every the best. Please remember to be kind and say yes to every positive opportunity.


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