Updates April 25-30


Thanks for the likes and follows.

The third week of April, got kind of overwhelming for me and it was too much. I didn’t post anything on the website. It was like a mini reset. I knew that signing up for Camp Nanowrimo was going to be a struggle. I actually thought I was prepared. I am not sure if the terms I have used in the past to talk about my life when it is not about writing are understood or not. There is the writing life and everything else. It is slightly different from the term day job because I’m not being paid to live. Just calling it life seems so generic. I had made an agreement to complete a job. It took up more time than I thought it would. Something had to suffer and it turned out to be the website. Last week was when I finally came out of denial.

I was a little disappointed in myself. I make promises to maintain this website all the time. I miss my goals more than I reach them. I thought that by the second quarter of the year I would have my stuff together. It is hard to remember that it is the process, not the destination, that truly matters. The silver lining of writing is that there was progress in Connection lost. I have moved on from part one to part two of the story. On average I write about 500 words every couple of days. I will continue to write this story until the first draft is complete. I won’t make any predictions but I will prepare for the miss.

I wrote about relistening to the Bedwyn saga by Mary Balogh in my last update. I am going through the historical romance slowly. I am up to book 3, Slightly Scandalous. The female lead was a jilted fiancee in another series. One of the reasons I was intrigued with Mary Balogh’s books was how she treated beta characters. I once had a large number of her books in hard copy. I bought the Bedwyn saga ebooks the first time I bought a nook. I liked her books because although the female leads were beautiful they were not diamonds or described as such. They were usually older than 18 years and sensible. There was a time in historical romances when all the female leads were too beautiful and wild women yearning to be tamed by the right man. I know what that sounds like. All my feminist hackles are raised. I think my love for these stories speaks of the skill of the author. I should be jealous. hose were stories I liked at one time.

The other series that I got interested in is called Fractured Faery series by Helen Harper. The comic urban fantasy is also set in the United Kingdom. It is funny and unlike anything, I have read before in the genre.

Before we know it this week will be over. I will have to make some adjustments for May. It looks like I will be acquiring a day job. I’m not sure yet how it will affect my writing. I am hoping it will be positive.

That is all I have for this update. I hope this finds you all doing well. Remember to be kind and be ready for the next opportunity.


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