Updates March 28-April 01


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week was a little difficult. Fortunately, I was able to post for 4-days it is one of my overall goals. The Accountable Wednesday will be there until I have decent reviews. When I am not home I will be using my tablet and that is a little difficult. I have relied heavily on Grammarly. The service is really great it even tells me if the posts sound friendly, informative, or disapproving. Which can change with a simple sentence about smiling. It is the best that can be done with the free service.

I mention Sacha Black writing craft book on writing villains, 13 Steps to Evil. I got the audiobook but I haven’t started to listen to it. I was preoccupied with my life that is not writing. Around that time I watched a couple of YT videos about the upcoming Camp Nanowrimo. At first, I thought I won’t participate. I intended to encourage anyone and everyone who would. Then I heard someone give some reasons on why they would be participating in Camp Nanowrimo, despite their very successful career in the writing and publishing industry. It had to do with accountability and comradery. I totally understand that so I reconsidering. The writing project would be Connection Lost and associated stories. I have a few more days to think about it and possibly the first week of April. However, I have heard you can enter Camp Nanowrimo or Nanowrimo at any in the designated months you just have to reach the goal set to win. The fun part of Camp is that you can set your own goal. For precise details please visit http://www.nanowrimo.org.

Another thing I watched on Youtube was a commentary video about TV reboots, it was on MelinaPendulum channel by Princess Weekes. I don’t always agree with Princess but in this episode, she was on point. It influenced me to watch the CW reboot of Charmed 2018. I believe I have said this before, what annoys many fans about live-action shows and reboots like Charmed, is the potential wasted. The blatant audacity that something like that can become canon. This is how avid fans flip tables. I don’t agree with inappropriate behavior, I only understand the emotion, not crappy actions. This was most of my weekend and it was fun because I was analyzing narrative and character motivations.

This week will look similar to last week. I will be either writing on a non-fiction writing project or Connection Lost. I have not decided on a word count. It will be something I start up again next week in April the first month of the 2nd Quarter. I will also discuss what I thought about the first 3 months.

That was all for this update. If you have any comments on any of the subjects mentioned by all means share. I hope these last few days of March go well for you all. Remember to be kind.


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