Updates March 21 – 25


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Last week, I fell down a YouTube dark hole. It was about The Vampire Diaries and its many problematic issues. I believe most of it was taken out of context. To make a fair analysis, I thought I could watch it, all 8 seasons are on Netflix. I don’t know what it is that show but I just can’t do it. And I love to read paranormal romance. I write paranormal/urban fantasy romance. It just didn’t have the pull

I read that executive producer Julie Plec also works on Roswell New Mexico TV show. The updated version of WB/UPN/CW Roswell 1999. It should be still streaming on Hulu. Both shows are loosely based on Roswell High books written by Melinda Metz.

I was not prepared to like Roswell’99 but I did. I was also all for the reboot. It was based on characters I cared about and they planned for it to be more diverse and inclusive. What could go wrong? I also wanted to see if the concerns of fans about problematic issues on TVD were fixed in Roswell NM. Again I would like to reinstate (because I think I’ve said it before) that no story is perfect, some issues can be ignored for personal enjoyment and some are blatantly outrageous and deserve a rant. I am not doing that here. I will say that I couldn’t watch Roswell NM when the show premiered in 2019. The writers broke up my favorite OTP and I am not going to talk about what followed in that series. There is a feeling one gets when being condescended to, I am processing. I found that I enjoyed Roswell, NM better than The Vampire Diaries. I think it was because they were adults and acted that way a few times. Personally, I believe the show deserves a rant and a couple of drags but I have better things to do with my time.

In writing news, Connection Lost is still in development. I realized that the antagonist(s) are not as clear as they should be. They are 3 obstacles for my main character, two of them may be deadly. She is given a task. Once it is accomplished her status quo will improve. But I need to think about her opponents more. I will be looking into Sacha Black’s 13 steps to writing an evil for tips and suggestions.

I’ve spent more time on the non-fiction essay about adaptations. It is one of the roughest drafts I have worked on for a while. The most popular adaptation that I know of is the Rings of Power. It will be posted before that starts to stream on Amazon.

In Reading news, I have completed listening to Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Grant. It was an enjoyable listen and I was inspired to continue with the second book in the series, Hollywood Endings. I will be reviewing both books together. The status of the other books mentioned in previous posts are still the same. I have not been in the right mind to listen to them.

That is all for this update. Please remember to be open to all positive opportunities and let us all be kind to each other.


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