Accountable Wednesday #2

This is going to be quick and dirty. I think the title was called something else last week but I can’t remember. I didn’t procrastinate, I am working on an essay that is actually taking longer than expected. It is going to be posted on a Wednesday post because it is about books and their film adaptation. Some are great. I am talking about the bad ones. The good adaptations get their accolades but the bad ones, burn and fester in the hearts and minds of fans. They wish to erase it from existence but that is impossible, it is part of the Canon. Like diamonds, they are forever.

As a storyteller, I find that fascinating. I plan to shed some light on the unlikable media and show their benefits. In September a Tolkien adaptation is coming. People are already strolling into their camps of not like the book haters or not like the movie haters. Some Tolkien enthusiasts on YouTube have claimed neutrality but shared their hopes and fears with the upcoming project. I will also like to be neutral. I know that the producers of the show want to can’t the high that other successful shows have had. I feel everyone needs to lower their expectations. We are getting a story in the Middle Earth Universe, it won’t be what JRR Tolkien wanted. He is a person of a different era and mindset. What I hope that the producers are able to express is that in every era or age of middle earth the free people were tested. Some failed and some persisted, there is still good in the world.

In Reading News, I am almost finished with Hollywood Homicide. This west coast cozy mystery is funny and irritating at the same time. I will elaborate on the review. I have not started the Fated Sky. Night Song is problematic for me. The Kindred is a YA book. I like where it is right now and feel a little wary of where it is going. Next week I will be adding a comic book graphic novel list.

I hope this finds you all doing well. Keep positive and remember to be kind.


P.S. L. Penelope let her listeners know that her indie-published book Savage City was on Netgalley. I requested to get it. Wish me Luck!

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