Updates March 14 – 18


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week, was an okay week for me. I was able to post all the days that I’ve wanted to and scheduled. There were some hiccups but we shouldn’t expect everything to go smoothly.

I have a problem and I am open to suggestions. I have this problem that when I am working on one writing project, another one will start worming its way into my mind. Then I get distracted. Does this mean I am leaving the Connection Lost alone? No. However, I have finally realized that one of my main characters in Star Crossed has been lying to herself. Which is writing advice other writers have told us before. There is always a lie the character tells themselves. I’m relieved and a little bit annoyed. Star Cross is a difficult story for me. I can’t say exactly when the idea came to me. I tossed it around in my mind for a year or two, before I decided to rough draft it during NaNoWriMo. I didn’t win and I am ok with that. I planned to spend most of the first quarter of this year completing it. But I got stuck somewhere in that story and I could not find a way out of it. I felt I didn’t know enough about my characters and their work life specifically. One of them is a celebrity and I didn’t want the representation of that life to be typical. Now that I’ve had the epiphany about my character. I can continue with the story. However, there is Connection Lost. I started writing about it for accountability and it is still slated as a short story. I have come to the realization that for me, developing a short story takes the same amount of mental energy as a novel. Sometimes, I will have to be realistic with myself and what I can do with the time I have. I made a note about what I needed to do for Star Crossed and kept with Connection Lost. I will be looking to add Star Crossed into the second quarter, by the end of March I want a complete draft of Connection Lost.

I posted a short reading list, last week Wednesday. I will write about that in-depth in this Wednesday’s post. This is just a reminder for you guys and me as well. Yes, there is also a procrastination-read/listen and that was Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh. I don’t remember if I have ever written a review about the psy-changeling series, so they can go on the To-Be-Reviewed list.

This week there are some personal appointments that I have to keep. The writing goal is 500 new words in Connection Lost. Other stories are in various stages of development and I would be working on them as well. There is also the short reading list to complete as well.

That is all I have to write for this update. I hope the week is full of opportunity for us all.


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