Updates March 07-11


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This is a late edition. I planned it hit a goal and I missed. This is a no-fault miss. I am working on accepting days like this. Overall last week went well. I feel odd typing that because I know that was not the case for everyone. I am sending positive thoughts and encouragement to everyone that needs it. By all means, readers pay it forward to anyone else.

Last month in the first quarter. I should be able to see a path to a better writing process and improved business strategy. I have notes and we will see how things go. It is also Women’s Month and all I have done is make an all-woman music playlist. The next four quotes in the QFW will be by talented, intelligent women. Even though I believe these events are important I think that we should be celebrated and supported all the time.

Last week ProWritingAid had a free Fantasy Writers Week. It was four days of webinars and virtual networks. It was fun. I plan to get subscribe to the service. I have Microsoft Word and Google Drive, Scrivener, Reedsy, and other tools, each one has helped develop a different story. When given the chance I will subscribe to ProWritingAid. I learned a lot from the people they invited to speak. I didn’t always agree with everything said but I understood where they were coming from. Some might say I don’t have a right to disagree with these authors and creators, but they are not icons and what works for them will not work for us. It doesn’t mean we, the unpublished or unrecognized writers, are wrong on more than one occasion, there were writers typing in the chat that they were tanking their whole book, based on what the speaker was saying. I don’t think they were serious but could’ve been. I also don’t think the speaker meant that their way was the only way. There were questions from writers, that were in a tone of asking permission. Overall the speakers were positive on all the questions and encouraged the fledgling fantasy writer to go forth and build vast luxurious worlds and intriguing characters. What I learned most from the week of webinars is that “all was permitted, it is the execution that is important.” Yes, I borrowed that from Assasin Creed, where I heard it first.

In writing news, Connection Lost, I started talking about it so I must continue. I like the idea of writing small stories to connect to a larger saga. As part of the conflict I will be introducing some characters who will have more influence later on in another story. What is the conflict? This is question has stumped me many times, there are so many possibilities. What can happen to a seeming magic-less person in a supernatural world? There is a window of exploitation. If that is possible, why can’t she rely on family for protection? Connection Lost’s conflict will have something to do with her passive ability. The resolution will have something lost and something gained. I don’t know which one will be better for the character. Sorry if this sounds confusing. This is why execution matters. I don’t want to share a story that has plot holes wide enough for an 8-lane highway.

This is a late edition, typed this morning. I know what I wrote previously, I will do better. Writing goals for this week, are to come up with a believable conflict for Connection lost; decide what will be gained and what will be lost. There will be no word count goal this week. But I will be writing and that is a good thing.

Again I hope everyone who reads this post is doing well. Let’s try to be kind to everyone when it is possible. Be open for positive change and great opportunities. That is all for now.


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