Wednesday’s Post

On the Update posted on Monday, I stated that I would be posting today. I re-read the update and although I am generally happy with the post, it needed to be tweaked a bit. I am not a perfectionist, I’m a procrastinator. It has been decided that I need to give my interesting post some time before sharing it with the world.

The post has been left up with all its flaws. The goal is to do better next time. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I started a reading journal. Almost everything that I read or listen to gets a book cover copy and I paste it in a composition notebook. I write some notes on the item and move on to read or listen. Another thing I kind of struggled with is if listening to a book is the same as reading it. Overall I have concluded they are different but they get similar results. The audience enjoys the story and experiences something new or expected.

I came across several books that I didn’t like. They had interesting elements, the tropes and characters were ones I love to read/listen to all the time. However, after going through the story I was annoyed. Generally, I don’t like reviewing books I don’t like I am making an exception with this series because I am curious. Does it get better or worse? Can it justify the elements that I have issues with? It is quite possible that by the end of the series it could be rated a meh instead of an ugh. My reviews are on books five to 10 years old, any new release book will most likely be a month or two old. My thoughts on their books will not interfere with sales or destroy careers.

These are my random thoughts on reviews and posts. Thank you for reading, please like, follow leave a comment.


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