Updates February 28 – March 04


Thanks for the likes and follows.

Today is the last day in February, 2/3rd of the first quarter is done. I am trying to feel better about my lack of productivity. I want to say that I experienced something like a mini-burnout but I don’t know if I am allowed to have something like that happen to me when I don’t have a lot to show for it. I muddled through it and I actually feel better. In spite of the state of the world.

In the last update, I mentioned that I would be reading my works-in-progress. I had several in mind but only really worked on two. I have been reading newsletters by other writers and am convinced I must be doing something wrong with these updates. Some talk about their writing projects in various stages other don’t. I am considering writing more about what I am working on. With that in mind, the story I did the most work on last week is called Connection Lost. The title and idea came from Reedsy writing contest # 264. Reedsy is a writing platform, where you can find people and tools to help you complete a writing project.

I have been developing a character and her world for years. When I read that prompt my mind went to this character. The story was paranormal and my character came from a large magically mixed family. She is a middle child with an odd ability. What do I mean by magically mixed? In this case, her father follows one kind of magic and her mother follows another. Their styles are unique and the abilities have developed in their children differently or not like my character. She does have an ability, but it is passive. She is not Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto. Her immediate family has tried to make her feel normal but her lack of ability has affected how people in the community have treated her. This lead her to a situation that resulted in supernatural jail and similar to what has been done in Suicide Squad is done to the supernatural inmates of the facility. This character for her protection had a familiar and her imprisonment buffers the connection to the creature.

Connection Lost was planned out to be a short story of about 3000 to 5000 words. I was thinking two or three scenes and close. I have come up with short stories and novella ideas featuring this character. A part one of the story is on Wattpad, that working title is called Lucky Thirteen. It is mainly about a younger version of this character acknowledging that she is not going to be like her siblings and accepting herself the way she is. I like to write the best things about my characters, it is extremely difficult for me to kill my darlings or give them a hard time. But this character is one of the few that does bad things and has consequences for it.

I don’t know when it started but the story kind of petered out. I am in the doldrum middle and that has annoyed me, a little. Fortunately, I have no intention of waiting for inspiration. I will be working on this story, reading the other projects, and making notes this week. I have to make a new book review list. There are several audiobooks that I have started that I will attempt to complete this week. I also need to post something this Wednesday.

I have nothing else to write for the week. I hope you all doing well and continue to find positive opportunities. Remember to be kind to each other.


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