Updates January 31-February 03


Thank you for the likes and follows.

Good News Everyone! My laptop could not be repaired. Fortunately, I have accidental damage protection. This insurance allowed me to get a replacement product. The device should arrive within a week or two. My original machine was a custom build, HP did offer me that option, but they could not confirm delivery, they build the machines in China. I took the second option which was to accept what they already have in stock. I have downgraded from a 17 inch multi-touch screen, 1 terabyte storage to a 15 inch multi-touch screen, 512 GB storage. Different from what I had before but my health concerns have convince me that a smaller machine might be helpful. If the world decides to pause on its pathway to hell and I am given the chance I am getting a custom build 1 terabyte from China. I think I am going to miss that 1 terabyte. There are more details but these are important to me.

Meanwhile I found a bluetooth keyboard to help me with my tablet use. It has worked on some things but not on everything. I feel very out of step with technology but then still feel apart of things when I take part in a live stream. I know, it sounds odd but this is where I am in the world. I’m middle age and all I really want to do, is use my creative brain to have a decent life. When I say decent, I mean content, I want to be able to pay my bills and buy my wants with ease. That does not require more wealth than I can handle just enough to take care of myself and family. This is a tangent I didn’t mean to go down. Honestly I don’t think it is any different than what many of us want in this world. So this segment stays.

I apologize for missing the Wednesday post. I hadn’t set up the BT keyboard and eventhough the idea was a good one. I am having difficulty writing about it. I’m annoyed about this even handwriting is a problem but now that I have written about it here. I have to work on it. That is the status of writing news.

In closing, I am not posting a picture along with this entry. I don’t have the energy to find one. Every week I hope the best for everyone reading the updates and the quotes for writers. I am still doing that and remember be kind.


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