Updates January 17-21


Thanks for the likes and follows.

I apologize for this late edition of updates. My laptop is still in the shop and writing on the tablet is not as convenient as I thought it would be when I bought the device. Sorry if I sound redundant. I’m reminding myself that it will only be a couple of weeks. In the past, I used to be able to use other people’s computers but now I feel like a curmudgeon, I only want to use my laptop. I thought if I wrote things down and then typed them in it would be easier but no, the process is slow and I am getting distracted to easily. I never thought I would think that writing only with pen and paper was odd. I love pens and paper. I subscribe to the JetPens channel on YouTube. I realized that I was only using notebooks and post-its to keep notes and shortlists.

A little disappointed with the productivity of last week. Not sure how this week is going to turn out as far as posts are concerned either. Still struggling with a scene in Star Crossed and a scene in a short story. While listening to a podcast on writing by writers/authors, the question of copyrights came up and then I started to think if I post my intellectual property on the universe without copyrights am I setting myself up. This is definitely something I should have thought up last month. It seems like nothing now, but on an old WordPress blog I had, the time was changed from the eastern standard timezone to Eastern European timezone. It was during a time when a number of people were getting letters or emails from companies informing them that they had been hacked. I told a friend and was advised to change my passwords. This should have made me more skeptical but my entries were nothing spectacular. No one has accused me of plagiarism, nor has anyone warned me. A good thing?

This is all I have to write. The goal for this week is to finish the scenes mentioned about and start on new ones. I started a reading journal and will talk about it on Wednesday. I hope the rest of the week goes well for everyone. Please remember to be kind.


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