Plans going astray

I regret to inform readers that I can’t post the story I planned to. My laptop has to be repaired and attempting to work on the tablet is extremely difficult. I still have paper and many pens, so I will always be writing. However posting will be off-kilter for a bit. Last week there was supposed to be a Wednesday review, along with my broken machine, I was not feeling well. There was no post or place holder. Unlike most of the quotes I share for writers, reviews are not scheduled in advance. One of the goals for this quarter is to have a set number of completed projects for posting. Eventhough podcasting is the new black in social media. I still like this blog turned into a website and another one of my many goals is to improve this website.

This week I will be writing at least 2 scenes in Star Crossed by hand. I will also start the brief outlines for the short stories of this quarter. The goal for short stories are three with a word range of 4500-5000. There is a skill in short story writing I have yet to master.

If all things go well, the laptop will be back in about two weeks, at the most. I am glad I had the foresight to add accidental damage protection when I bought the machine. Until then expect the next week’s update to be a short post. I will do my best to be consistent.

That is all I have for this week. I hope everyone is doing well. I wish I had a more positive send off. Please like, subscribe, leave a comment.


P.S. Are you ready for the Year of the Tiger?

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