Words posted on Wednesday

This post is going to be about me recommitting myself to writing reviews or initial thoughts on subjects I find education, interesting and entertaining, all together or separately.  There is so much media out there – books, movies, films, podcasts, that a person can become overwhelmed.  I often wonder if I’ve been on another planet when I find an entertaining or educational gem and they have been producing content for years.  I also wonder what makes something a hit in the past and a miss now.  Why do some fans become viscerally angry about remakes, reimaginings, prequels, and sequels? Why do some adaptations blow up spawning new fans and others burn? There are many platforms that highlight these topics.   I am adding my 5 cents.  I will put serious effort into my thoughts, references, and suggestions.

I have been writing that Wednesday is a review day for a long time.  It was the plan at the beginning of 2021.  I struggled with a rating system.  It may have been noticed in previous reviews, there is a distinct like or dislike.  I will be adding a standard 5-system, silver, and gold.  Not sure yet what will get 5 silver stars and what will get 5 gold.  I have a composition book that has been converted to a reading journal.  I also have shiny washi tape and gold and silver stars of various shapes.  I guess I will have to call it a media journal now, since notes about films, animations and podcasts will be in there as well.   That plan may go south but it is in practice for the next 3 months. 

I won’t be releasing a list until January. Some reviews will be on new subjects and some will be revisits. I believe in accountability but I also know myself. This will be the last weird tilted Wednesday post for this year I think. In the future, if one is posted you know something odd went on over the weekend.

This weekend will be Christmas. I hope all goes well for everyone.


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