Update December 20-24


Thank you for the likes and follows.  This will be the last update for the year.

Last week I had all kinds of ideas for the entry but now that it is time to have to write them down, my mind is going blank.  Welp, that has never stopped me before.   This week will mostly be a short one because of Christmas.  I have to be realistic with the available time I have to write.  This is something I learned from all the plan and goal-setting YouTube videos; I’ve been watching.  Unrealistic goals lead to disappointment.   Looking over the year, through the posts, I have mixed feelings about them.  I made promises that fell through for various reasons.  I’m not apologizing again.  What I will add is that I am aware of my repetitive actions.  Insert Weak by AJR here.  There will be quotes of good cheer and a Wednesday post.

I will be working on scene eleven of Star Crossed.  In the first week, I changed most of the chapters to scenes, the first week in December.  Trying to write in chapters was bothering me.  I initally started writing this story by scences. Scene eleven is actually scene twenty-one, I will most likely be fixing that at a later date. The business of being a storyteller and an author. That is a series of blog essays. Most of scene 11 will be written by hand. There are some key things I want in the scene that can’t work out on keyboard.

The next writing project is a short story working title is called Dark Science Manifesto. I don’t want to give spoilers but whatever vibes you get from the working title you might be right. I think there is this discussion that science fiction and speculative writers have all the time. Which is when does the magic become science and vice versa? This story may or may not answer that but it will entertain. The first part is scheduled the second week full week of January. Then I realized I wouldn’t force an enemy to read 5000 word in one post. Therefore you, fans that I love are spared.

The skill of writing a short story is elusive to me. It is a skill that I am working on honing. Yes I find it a little embarrassing that I wrote something similar to this the beginning of the year. But we all know what they say about crazy, so I’m a little crazy. The strange thing is that I have been consistent and I am really glad that I have been able to pull through on that promise.

This is what the week will look like for me if I keep to my plans. All I want for Christmas are my friends, family past, present and future to be well over this holiday season.


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