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I usually only write that sentence with the update posts but let us be real.  These place holders are unofficial updates.  Except for this one because I am not writing about my work or what my week will be like.  This is just a response to a question.  It is my opinion, and it could very well be wrong.  However, this is where I am today. 

Last week on the YouTube channel Casually Comics, the host Sasha posted a video she titled: The return of Supergirl, Is Kara being exploited? The episode consisted of how Supergirl or Kara Zor-El came back to the DC Universe after being killed off in a Crisis event.  A question came up that is paraphrased by me like this: Is there a double standard for female fan service as opposed to male fan service?   Dick Grayson/Nightwing’s booty is admired by fans and characters in the comics on many occasions. His body had been ogled and taken advantage of, in the comics and animations, look up Batman and Harlequin 2017.  However, hackles rise when it is Supergirl. Full disclosure I am attuning my response to the images shown on CC and memory of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse 2010.  I have not read the comics that this Supergirl was based on.  I was pleasantly surprised in the movie Kryptonian actually sounds like Esperanto.  I would also like to add that I focus more on story than artwork even in comics. 

For me, the cringe factor grew as they emphasized her age. Kara should be older than her cousin, however, due to science magic, and happenstance, she is younger and underage.  She is 17 years old in mind and body, adults are looking at her with inappropriate thoughts.  Yes, I know she is a fictional character.  I don’t get the same cringe from Nightwing.  I think that is because he is an adult.  I don’t admire his body when he was Robin.  Only when he is a young adult or new adult in his mid to late ’20s.  It all sounds ridiculous to think this hard about a subject.  But consider this situation, in Nightwing #93.  Nightwing is sexually assaulted by another “superhero”, her name is Tarantula.  The issue came out in 2004.  I don’t know when it was outright called rape, but I first saw an article about it in 2018.  There was a lot of shrugging off the issue by the writer and DC comics editors that green-lit the whole scene. I believe the situation would’ve been stopped immediately if Dick Grayson had been a 17-year-old boy.  No one would be questioning if it was rape or just “nonconsensual sex” as if one is not like the other.  A situation like that cannot happen to 17-year-old Kara because people would call it out for what it is, immediately.  The fact that Nightwing is an adult, despite emotional trauma, plays into what people think of the whole situation. So maybe we are just twisted individuals on varying levels.  

During the episode, I didn’t feel offended, I knew a number of images were taken out of context, but I did feel a whole lot of cringe for Kara Zor-El/Supergirl. There will be a number of fans who don’t see this and a number of fans who will, and a percentage of that number will also have inappropriate glee from it.  This is what puts a shadow on most of my feelings the idea that some jerk is enjoying the scene for the ick value. This brings another thought to mind, exploitation is easy.   

When Sasha asked my thoughts on the issue, too many words came into my head. I don’t think a dissertation needs to be written in the comment section of a YT video. I would have liked to put up a compare and contrast pictures but didn’t want to be sued. So enjoy the peaceful science view of the mountains. There will be people who read this or watch Sasha’s video and say that this does not matter. I of course, don’t agree with that. I don’t condemn the writers or artist that drew the characters they way they did or the wrote the stories the way they did. I do believe we should be free to analyze them from all angles. For some these images and even the situations are harmless for others they are trauma triggers. We should be able to face both sides with rational thoughts. Not have these things retconned or pulled from publications because a percentage is upset. This is not for every image and situation, I believe in case by case.

I am truly amazed I had so many words on the topic. I hope this video finds everyone doing well. Please leave a comment, like and subscribe. The week is still new and full of opportunity.

Happy Holidays.


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