Updates November 15 – 26


Thank you for the likes and follows. 

I hope everyone is doing well. I am well. It is the third week of Nanowrimo and I am still in it to win it.  I have reached the limit of the recycled words. All the scenes written now will be new words from my brain. Amazing right?   

This time because I made friends through the Writer Mastermind Discord. I have more buddies. Some of the writers are 1000 words ahead of me and some are behind, but we are all encouraging each other to be all that we can do.

While listening to my manuscript, I do that once a day. I’m a nano rebel. I realized that I don’t have enough scenes in which my two main characters interact with each other. Overall, I have 4 scenes, the meet-cute, flirting, an ambush, and a confession. That is not how characters fall in love. I also have one character slow-burning and one character hyper-aware. It doesn’t feel like they fit but trust me, contemporary love is in there someplace. I have looked over the obligatory scenes list and I have four more to write with serious attention.

I think I have stated before that I am a linear writer. It has taken a lot out of me to break that habit and start writing from other angles in the story. It has helped but I have a scene that is one of my main characters dealing with his agent and another dealing with her mother. Usable scenes now but will they stay in the book. That is a revision question and since I am not there yet. I will wait to make that decision. Non-linear writing is difficult for me, and you will be reading about whining about it until Nanowrimo is done.

This week will be busy as usual. There is a thanksgiving meal to plan. I will not be hosting the meal, but the person hosting has asked me to prepare some dishes. I am still nervous about preparing meals for Thanksgiving. After being sick, the taste of some foods is different from what I remember. So, I am a little nervous.  

The books I’m reading are the Promised Queen by Jeffe Kennedy; The Bromance book club by Lyssa Kay Adams and Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins. These are all audiobooks. I have started each one but haven’t finished it. The stories and the writing are not the problems it is me.  I can’t listen when writing Star Crossed and I don’t want to listen before I go to sleep. I will fall asleep in one chapter and wake up in another. That is not fun. I am also listening to the Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maass. It is a book about writing. I will also be reading Bewitching the Vampire by Selena Illyria. This will be an actual read. I don’t have this one on audio. It is a spicy ebook. I also think it is a short read as well. It has been in my library for months but after watching Khadija Mbowe on YouTube, she did an episode about Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plecc and how she treated her black characters. I felt finding and reading an interracial vampire/witch romance was called for. I have read other books by Illyira, they have explicit scenes, I expect this one to be no different. Not everything mentioned here will get done. They are mentioned here because they are on the list.

Besides the major writing project, there are 3 small projects, the Wednesday post, the outline for the place holder, and a short story. It is more difficult than I thought. As stated earlier, I am in to win.

That is what this week and the following will be looking like. Everyone has a non-traditional Thanksgiving traditional dish, ours is curry- it will either be goat, chicken, chickpeas and potatoes.   I would be interested to read what are yours? Leave a comment. 


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