Short Reviews & Sundry 02

This is going to be more sundry than reviews. I still have the writing project for NaNoWriMo on the brain. I have not reached my personal word count for the project and I am still about 2,000 behind the NaNoWriMo official word goal. On Thursday or Friday morning I am going to do my best to catch up. I think I should pause for a moment and look over what I have in my outline for my characters. Romance may seem like an easy genre to write in however, looks are very deceiving. I know that for this event, done is better than perfect. I have come to realize that I am more linear than I would like to be. I can skip a scene every now and then but there is an internal narrative I follow. In Star Crossed II, I feel a little disconnected from my characters. I think if I don’t address it, it can grow to be a bigger problem and I don’t what that.

The distractions for this week have come in the form of Webtoon comics. I have been a member of the service for 3 or 4 years. There have been a number of notable comics, some that have even become hardcover books. I have subscribed to many comics on Webtoon but the two I am going to write about today are – It Was All You, created by I Soon Ki, and OH5HO, an original story by Jake Lee. It is set in future Korea. Clones are possible and a luxury item for the wealthy. We follow a woman who works for the company as an engineer and tester of the products which are the clones. While testing the newest model of clone, her marriage falls apart. She does all that she can with the help of the new model to exact revenge. The title gives me pause. I feel that she is being led to something more nefarious.

The other comic that pulled me away from Star Crossed II was put in the romance category. Perfect Marriage Revenge, original story by Yibambe, webcomic creation by So Young and Jerryball. This story is about a woman given a second chance to fix the things that went wrong in her life starting with her marriage. The main character dies in the first chapter in distress after realizing an ultimate betrayal. She wakes up a year before the incident with the opportunity to make different choices.

Neither of these comics is complete. It Was All You has been out longer than, it has over 30 episodes and Perfect Marriage Revenge has about 6 that are free and 2 or 3 under the coin paywall. One of the good things about Webtoon is that each episode or chapter eventually will be free to read. If you can’t wait coins are available for real money. I reward myself with a chapter when things in Star Crossed II go well.

There isn’t much going on with me besides the dash to write. I hope things continue to go well for you all. Please leave a comment, like and subscribe.


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