Updates November 01-15


Thank you for the likes, follows and comments. I truly appreciate it.

This is the official announcement. I am participating in Nanowrimo. I have scrapped the 15,000 words of Star Crossed and will start again with Star Crossed II.  It is a romance between a celebrity changing careers in the entertainment industry and a former celebrity turned artist. Don’t feel bad for those 15,000 words they will show up in the story in another fashion one way or another. It was a difficult decision, but necessary so that I can complete this manuscript. During the days leading up to Nanowrimo, I listened to writing podcasts or watched writing courses on Skill Share. They have been helpful. I especially like Savannah Gilbo, blog post and article on the 6 obligatory scenes in a romance. She has written an obligatory scenes article for every genre. I have focused on the romance.

I have also watched preptober videos on YT by Sarra Canon. She has two channels, Heart Breathings and Sarra Canon. What I learned from her was time management. Sarra Canon has written about 25 YA books. She has a detailed preptober worksheets and suggested how to use them effectively. That can help the busy life-filled writer complete the goals they need to for a better life.

Following some of her suggestion will help me maintain this blog and continue with the goals that I am trying to achieve for the new year.

So that is where I am for the moment. I know in the past I have written about other stories. I might mention some of them in the future.

Reading news, I started to listen to the Forgotten Empires series by Jeffe Kennedy. I started to listen to her podcast First cup of Coffee, last year as a suggestion from L. Penelope. Jeffe Kennedy writes fantasy romance and romantic fantasy, they sound the same but there can be a slight difference. She is also the current president of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). She has a lot going on but still finds time to talk about craft and the publishing industry on her podcast. I have not found everything she talks about helpful for me, but I believe it can help other writers on various levels.   The Forgotten Empires series included the Orchid Throne, the Fiery Crown, and the Promised Queen. I think the series can go under the label of romantic fantasy because there is so much happening in that world, besides the female lead and male lead falling in love. The stakes are high in that series but is also has a bittersweet feel to it because so much as gone wrong before. I paused on listening because of Sabbath and to participate in the Nano – live streams over the weekend.

Everyone is getting giddy about November. I don’t feel that way. I am determined to win this year. I have dabbled with this idea for a long time. I want to be in another mode next year when it comes to this story. 

In fear of becoming redundant, I am closing here. I hope this entry finds you doing well.   Go! Writers! Go!


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